This campaign is giving away beer to people who register to vote

This campaign is giving you a reason to register.

People who register to vote are being offered a free pint by pubs across the UK.

It’s pretty simple. Those who would like a free pint – or another beverage if that doesn’t float your boat – are being asked to register to vote online before the May 22 deadline. Once they receive their confirmation email, all they have to do is show it to staff and their free beverage will be handed over.

Don’t even think about gaming the system though – the bar staff note down each person’s name to ensure you don’t do a tour of participating pubs.


Voting in this election is going to massively affect our lives for the next 5 years and beyond. Every vote will directly affect what happens to our NHS, Schools and Universities, our economy and the relationship we have with the rest of the world.

“I was apathetic and not engaged when I was younger and didn’t vote as I didn’t see the point, but with what’s going on around the world and here in the UK these days it seems more important than ever,” says Joby Andrews, landlord of a number of Bristol pubs, who set up the campaign.

“I’m motivated by this to try and get people, especially the young, to engage in what will massively affect their futures and register to vote.

“If they love beer as much as I did back then, a free pint will hopefully encourage them to register, so when it comes to polling day on June 8 it’ll be much easier for them to vote and make their voice heard.”

So far 25 pubs are involved in locations including Bristol, London, Matlock. You can find participating pubs here.

Unfortunately, the deal is just for first-time registrants, but the campaign is offering those already registered the chance to win two tickets to the Love Saves The Day and Shambala festivals on its website.

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