Video: This magician's take on the thumb trick will leave your jaw on the floor

You’ll like this. Quite a lot.
You’ll like this. Quite a lot.

If you thought the classic thumb trick was just a way to baffle and amuse small children, think again.

Vincent Kuo, a magician from Sydney, Australia, has showed off his interpretation of the trick – and it takes things to a whole new level.

First Vincent goes for the classic illusion we all know and love, then he kicks things up a gear by appearing to replace the tip of his thumb with part of his finger.

Finally, he appears to remove his little finger completely. Impressive stuff.

The illusion is part of Vincent’s 100 Days Of Magic project in which he’s attempting to create 100 brand new magic tricks.

Vincent’s 100 Days of Magic Day 55. Nice.

You can see more of his tricks here.