Here's why The Guardian's Brexit front page has got Irish people worrying

“They really are leaving. And by the looks of things, they're taking Donegal and Dundalk with them.”

Article 50 is being triggered by Prime Minister Theresa May and, as you can imagine, the UK’s exit from the EU is dominating the nation’s headlines.

The Guardian’s rather clever front page depicts Europe as a puzzle with the UK missing, but it’s got Irish people worrying a bit – see if you can spot why.

Clearly limited by the lattice system of puzzle shapes they put over the map, the newspaper’s editors were left with a decision on whether to leave Northern Ireland in the picture, or take a bit of the Republic of Ireland away.

They chose the latter option.

Faced with the apparent prospect Brexit could take some of the Republic of Ireland with it, some thought the cover revealed a Brexit master plan…

But not everyone was too worried about the idea.

A bit harsh Aidan…

In fairness to The Guardian, it has acknowledged it was a difficult cover to pull off – here’s what its editor-in-chief had to say about it.

Bloody jigsaws indeed.

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