11 of the strangest requests ever received by waiters

11 of the strangest requests ever received by waiters

If there’s anyone who can understand the trials and tribulations working in a customer service job, it’s a waiter.

As a server you can expect to receive the odd eyebrow-raising request but have you ever had a customer request a cup full of crushed Oreos covered in chicken gravy?

Waiters and waitresses from across the globe came together in a Reddit thread to divulge the strangest requests they’d had.

1. “I worked at Ihop. Took a table’s order and got to the wife. She ordered a meal and I ask her how she’d like her eggs. She replies ‘unfertilized’.

A carton of eggs

“Having heard this joke from drunken men before, I brushed it off and chuckled, but she was serious. She said ‘you know when you crack the egg, and you see that little white bit stuck to the yolk? That’s the sperm, and I don’t want it in my eggs’.

“Still dead serious. I glance at the husband looking for answers and he just shrugs his shoulders and makes an ‘I’m not getting involved’ sort of face’.” – Weasel_Cannon

2. “Two women ordered a bloomin onion. After it was delivered he went over to see how everything was. The lady asked for a cup of the sauce at the bottom of the plate. Ma’am that is actually fryer grease not a sauce.

“She looked at him and said ‘I don’t care what it is just get me a cup of it’. He went to the back, ladled out a soup cup of fryer grease, and brought it out.

“The woman seasoned the grease with salt and pepper and went to town. That was probably the most disgusting thing I ever saw working as a server.” – Fischera1982


3. “I worked at a fast-food sandwich place in high school. One lady ordered a sub sandwich with just cucumber. She wanted the bread hollowed out, all the inner bread scooped away. So it was just crust and cucumber.

“At this shop we charged 30 cents for each three-piece ‘serving’ of cucumber. So this lady ended up with a sandwich that was more expensive than anything else on the menu and that was essentially a sad salad with croutons.” – serenii

4. “I worked at a small town diner place last summer. This guy came in every single day for lunch, and would order a plate of 13 french fries. If there were any more or any less, he would politely send it back for us to fix it.

“One time, he noticed a fry that was really small and sent it back because we gave him 12 and a half fries instead of 13.

“We would get annoyed by him, but he was a really good tipper so we dealt with it.” – kycrane

5. “Worked in a restaurant years ago and every Friday night after the bar this guy would order spaghetti bolognese and would cover the whole thing with French’s yellow mustard.” – Thisgetsnaughty

Restaurant bill

6. “Worked at a decently pricey restaurant, and one time a woman ordered just plain pasta noodles for her teenage daughter. Insisted she just wanted nothing but noodles in a bowl.

“The chef garnished the dish with some parsley and the girl threw a fit because ‘she hates green stuff!’. I had to go back and get some PLAIN noodles. This girl was like 15.” – vomirrhea

7. “A man once ordered a bowl of tomato soup and a Bloody Mary, simultaneously. He wanted me to wait to bring out the Bloody Mary so he could have it at the same time as the soup.

“He alternated one sip of the drink and one slurp of the soup until both were gone.” – sweetrhymepurereason

8. “I worked at a bagel store for three years. The weirdest thing someone ordered was a cinnamon sugar bagel with jalapeño cream cheese, hummus, pickled onions, salmon, and tuna.

“They then preceded to ask me to put it in the microwave for a minute to warm it all up.” – Jsilva4599


9. “I worked at a casino a few years ago and there was a VERY eccentric man who would come in from time to time. The first time I served him, he asked for poutine with no fries. So essentially just cheese and gravy.

“BUT, the next time he came in, he ordered nachos with no chips, like pardon? He always tipped very well though so I never questioned it.” – shm8lyn666

10. “I work at a pizza restaurant. This one customer comes in around once a week, and he orders a beer. That’s fine, nothing unusual.

“But he always asks for a side of hot sauce. He takes it and pours it into the beer, mixing it. I thought it was the weirdest thing I’d ever seen.” – Faith-Hope-TacoBell

11. “I work at Culver’s. A few weeks ago someone ordered a cup full of crushed Oreos covered in chicken gravy and that was the exact moment that I lost all faith in humanity.” – SlyCoopersButt

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