This Nasa astronaut just pulled an epic prank in space

This Nasa astronaut just pulled an epic prank in space

Peggy Whitson set new records by becoming the oldest woman on the International Space Station (ISS) and the oldest woman to do a spacewalk, but we think she should also add “the oldest woman to pull a prank in space” to her impressive resume.

The 57-year-old Nasa astronaut tweeted a photo of herself floating around in a white cargo bag that fellow astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Thomas Pesquet zipped her into.

Whitson says the two astronauts then took the cargo into the Russian side of the ISS and gave their cosmonaut colleagues Andrey Borisenko, Sergey Ryzhikov and Oleg Novitskiy a surprise when she “popped out” of the bag.

The space prank was met with approval from earthlings down on terra firma:

Although this isn’t the first time astronauts have pranked each other in space.

Not so long ago, Scott Kelly chased Tim Peake around the ISS dressed as a gorilla:

Back in 2014, Chris Hadfield pretended aliens are aboard the space station as an April Fool joke:

And who can forget that moment when the current crew at the space station pretended to be Superman?

Keep them coming folks!

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