This is why Clive Owen has no plans to be the next James Bond

This is why Clive Owen has no plans to be the next James Bond

Closer star Clive Owen has shunned any nods to be the next James Bond – by admitting that Daniel Craig is the best man for the job.

While he looks every bit the Bond in his latest suave and suited, cocktail-swilling role in Paolo Sorrentino’s short film Killer In Red, he said Daniel was doing a “great job” and should “keep doing it”.

His comments came at the launch of the film noir mini-thriller during a two-day event in Rome, welcoming him as the new face of classic Italian aperitif, Campari.

But while he didn’t rule out the possibility of stepping into 007′s shoes should the offer present itself, it’s an “out-and-out comedy” that the 52-year-old is keen to sink his teeth into next.

Known also for his roles in Gosford Park and The Bourne Identity, as well as his Oscar-nominated and Bafta-winning performance in Closer (2004), he said: “Just send me a good script, that makes me laugh, and I'll do it.”

His keen interest in films of all genres means he will be keeping his eye firmly on this year’s Academy Awards and, for Clive, it’s all about Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight.

Describing himself as a “really big fan” he said: “I think it is beautifully directed and beautifully acted, so I’m rooting for that.”

Clive flashes his skills as a mixologist.
Clive flashes his skills as a mixologist (Ale Burset/Campari/PA)

Killer In Red sees Clive take on the role of a mysterious bartender who wins the heart of an elegant customer, played by Caroline Tillett, shortly before her Hollywood tycoon husband is found dead in his swimming pool.

Speaking to fans from around the globe at a press conference with The Young Pope creator, Paolo, he revealed: “I have never tended a bar before in my life, so the first thing I did when I got to Rome for filming was get some lessons in a speakeasy place – and I think I got pretty good.

“I was a huge fan of Sorrentino so being able to get close with him and watch how he does it was really great.”

Returning the praise, the film-maker said through a translator: “Clive is simply one of the best actors of this time and he belongs to this wonderful tradition of British actors who always have a tradition of great dedication to their work.

Paolo has a soft spot for British actors.
Paolo has a soft spot for British actors (Campari/PA)

“You can ask a British actor for everything and they will give it to you.”

Owen is set to star in three new titles this year, including space thriller Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets alongside singer Rihanna and model Cara Delevingne.

“Working with Cara was great,” he said. “I was there for a few weeks and had a great time, some days you came on set and it was just full of aliens. It's going to be wild, pretty spectacular.”

Killer In Red was released alongside Campari’s Red Diaries campaign, challenging renowned mixologists from around the globe to create a cocktail inspired by the key stories of their lives.

Britain’s Jim Wrigley’s drink included a smoked ball of ice following his exploration of tea-making in San Francisco, while a father-and-daughter pair of fashion designers from Belgium wanted to recreate the image of high society girlfriends strolling along the streets of Milan.

Killer In Red is available on Campari’s YouTube page.

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