Actor killed while filming music video in Australia

Actor killed while filming music video in Australia

An actor has been killed while filming a scene for an Australian band’s music video.

Queensland state police Detective Inspector Tom Armitt said the man died at a bar in the city of Brisbane while filming a scene that involved several firearms.

Although police refused to confirm the name of the band, it was reported to be Australian hip-hop duo Bliss n Eso, who were not believed to have been on set at the time.

The bar, believed to be Brooklyn Standard, posted a statement on its Facebook page saying it was helping police with the investigation.

After an incident at Brooklyn Standard… – Brooklyn Standard | Facebook

Police added that during the scene, several actors fired their guns and the victim somehow suffered wounds to his chest. No-one else was injured.

Armitt said it was not immediately clear whether the guns were loaded with live ammunition or blanks. Blank cartridges can still cause injuries if fired at close range.

“I can’t tell you whether they are live or real firearms,” he said, adding “I can’t tell you the type of ammunition that were being used. That will be a subject of the investigation.”

Police did not release the actor’s name.

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