Donald Trump's inauguration cake is a sight to behold

Donald Trump's inauguration cake is a sight to behold

If Donald Trump moving into the White House this week doesn’t feel real yet, how about a slice of this inauguration cake?

There the president-elect is, standing in front of his soon-to-be home, the words “Congratulations on your inauguration” and “President Trump” emblazoned along the bottom of the cake in what appears to be icing.

His son, Donald Trump Jr, shared a snap of the cake claiming it’s “the coolest cake” he’s seen in a while.

Erm, OK then…Some people seem to agree, anyway.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka has also posted a pic on Insta of her posing next to the cake ahead of Friday’s inauguration ceremony.

Can we just point out, we’re sure it’ll taste great (c’mon, it’s cake) but we’re struggling with the proportions…Trump looks, well, huge in comparison to the Capitol Building?!

Other people are noticing all sorts of little details about the cake.

Others are wondering about how it will taste…

While some are just outright questioning the cake’s credentials.

To be fair, we can’t help thinking it looks more appetising than an election night cake that was moulded into the shape of his head.

A cake moulded into the shape of Donald Trump's head
(David Mercer/PA)


Suddenly, we’re not feeling so hungry…

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