People are trying to make Scandi trend 'lagom' the next big thing but it actually looks like zero fun

People are trying to make Scandi trend 'lagom' the next big thing but it actually looks like zero fun

We’re all obsessed with the chic Scandi lifestyle, and this is why the Danish trend for hygge exploded in popularity in 2016.

The current newest and hottest Swedish thing is lagom.

But really, we aren’t sure we want to try it.

What does it mean?

Pronounced “la” like “bar” and “gom” like “prom,” it translates from Swedish to “just the right amount”.

Our main problem with hygge (other than it being fiendishly difficult to pronounce) was the fact that it was so tricky to describe, meaning something pretty floofy like “cosiness”.

Lagom is equally vague, translating from Swedish to “just the right amount”.

Sure… but what does this actually mean?

It’s all about getting the right balance in everything in your life. That’s undeniably a good thing, but it doesn’t sound all that… fun.

So how can I make my life more lagom?

We thought you’d never ask. Ways to make your life more lagom include recycling more, doing dry January, using your heating less, having shorter showers, and doing really boring things like always bringing your lunch to work. Yeah. We told you it wasn’t bags of fun IRL.

Ikea has even capitalised on the growing popularity of the trend with its Live LAGOM Project, which gives gift vouchers to customers to buy Ikea products that help them save energy, water and reduce waste.

What are the benefits of lagom?

You’ll be a better person generally if you live a more balanced life, and the world will be slightly better off too. But perhaps more importantly you’ll have a beautifully curated Instagram feed. And that’s what we all look for, isn’t it?

We’re not entirely sure why these pictures warrant the hashtag #lagom as they just look like snazzy Scandi interiors to us, but we’re not complaining.

Our verdict?

Sure, you’ll save some money, help the environment, and lead an all-round virtuous life, but we’re not sure how appealing lagom actually sounds.

We think we’re going to grab a fluffy blanket, light some candles, pour a glass of red wine and settle back into the world of hygge instead.

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