How is Michael Scofield still alive? New Prison Break trailer hints at new dramas

How is Michael Scofield still alive? New Prison Break trailer hints at new dramas

Fans of Prison Break will be chomping at the bit as a brand new trailer for the popular series’s return has dropped.

The new teaser focuses largely on the big, elephant-in-the-room-sized mystery that is thus: how on earth is Wentworth Miller’s character Michael Scofield still alive? Didn’t he, you know, die?

For those still in doubt that Wentworth and his on-screen alter-ego will be making a comeback, the trailer title actually says it all, it’s called ‘Michael is alive’.

Wentworth Miller
Wentworth Miller (Dominic Lipinski PA Wire/PA Images)

A two-hour episode entitled The Final Break saw Michael’s character seemingly die, but now that’s all been proved wrong, it's time to focus on what drama awaits.

According to the show’s creators, the entire point of this new season – the first since Prison Break 2009 – is about the mystery of his resurrection.

Prison Break’s creator Paul Scheuring recently said, according to E! online: “Michael doesn’t just come out of the gates the noble hero.

“The question is, who is this guy? Has he been compromised? Is he even Michael? Was he the Michael that we knew all along? And that’s one of the central things that runs through the course of the season, and that’s fun when your protagonist may not even be a good guy.”

The new trailer for the fifth season sees Michael returning to the screen while involved in some typical dramas, while his wife Sara Tancredi, played by Sarah Wayne Callies, attempts to explain him to their toddler son, although it isn't clear if Michael knows he has a child as yet.

Sara has also remarried, so that will throw a spanner in the proverbial works.

Prison Break
Prison Break (Fox/YouTube grab)

Wentworth and Dominic Purcell, who plays Michael’s brother Lincoln Burrows, previously explained how they won’t just have to break out of prison, but out of an entire country in the new series.

Based in Yemen in the Middle East, Wentworth revealed they “have to break out of the country itself”, so there is certainly more drama than perhaps fans thought possible.

There is also a hint that Michael has been working with Isil, hinting at the reason he’s locked up again.

It’s exciting enough for fans to see that Michael is alive and well after the last series ended with him apparently dead, so this news will no doubt leave them begging for the revived series, which airs in the US in April.

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