10 innovative ways people are coping with the Tube strike

10 innovative ways people are coping with the Tube strike

If you work in London, there’s no avoiding it: getting into work today is not going to be easy.

Just in case you’ve been ignoring all the warnings, London Underground workers have launched a 24-hour strike – members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union and the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association walked out at 6pm on Sunday.

There are no Underground services from key interchange stations such as Victoria, King’s Cross, Waterloo, Paddington, Euston, Bank and London Bridge.

An empty ticket hall at London's Aldgate Underground Station
(John Stillwell/PA)

Piccadilly line services will run between Hammersmith and Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 and 3, but there’s no service to Terminals 4 or 5.

And there’s also no service on the Victoria or Waterloo & City lines, with all other lines severely affected.

So, how are the millions of passengers affected by the travel chaos coping?

1. Well, while some have been real busy working out the best alternative routes…

2. …Others know that preparation is key.

Thanks for the tips.

3. This walking map is legit useful, FYI. *grabs trainers*

Hey, if your New Year’s resolution was to work out more, at least the strike will help you stick to it…

4. As is knowing that having to leave earlier in the morning means multitasking is key.

5. There’s fun to be had, though. Just think of it like the Hunger Games

6. And we’re very much behind this fun method of commuting.

7. Some are thinking of it as a chance for some sightseeing.

Props for taking a positive outlook on the drama, guys.

8. Or comedy.

9. There’s always moving to a different city altogether.

Probs a bit late for that now, mind…

10. Or, of course, you could not bother with Monday at all.

However you choose to cope, good luck people.

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