5 things we learned on the first day of CES 2017

5 things we learned on the first day of CES 2017

The press conferences have happened and the major announcements have been made, we now know what to expect on the show floor from some of the biggest names at CES 2017.

It includes TVs that are so thin they look mounted into the wall and one company’s software being so popular its amazing to think they're not even here in an official capacity, despite coming up in every single conversation.

These are the important things we learned on press day at CES.

1. Talking to your fridge is the future

The LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator
(John Locher/AP)

If you were just to glance at the major announcements to come out of the press conferences of the household names – LG and Samsung for example – you could be forgiven for assuming that talking to your fridge is the biggest trend in technology right now.

Both tech giants revealed products at their events that let us do just that – Samsung announced an update to their Family Hub fridge that took the show by storm last year, which enables users to give voice commands to their smart fridge to make notes or set timers for example.

A refrigerator with Family Hub 2.0 is on display during a Samsung news conference
(John Locher/AP)

While LG joined the voice powered fridge game themselves with their InstaView model – an appliance that has built in Amazon Alexa functionality – the same artificial intelligence that powers the Echo smart speaker.

It means you can use it to add items to your shopping list, check the weather and even purchase food shopping in some cases.

2. Amazon is winning CES without being here

It's quite a coup for Amazon that despite having zero official presence at CES, the firm is perhaps the most talked about company here.

To be more specific, its Alexa software is the most referenced technology here.

Amazon Echo in an LG fridge
(Jack Dempsey/AP)

LG is integrating Alexa into its smart fridges, as already discussed, but a host of other companies are also using Alexa integration to boost the functionality of their products.

Several smaller TV makers are using it, Whirlpool is including it in its appliances and smart speakers, charging docks and lamps are all on the show floor touting Alexa integration.

It’s quite a statement from Amazon.

3. LG’s new TV is insanely thin

On a day where TV announcements came thick and fast, one of the most eye-catching was LG and its new Signature Oled W.

The reason for this was the astonishing thickness – or indeed lack of it – of the new TV.

The name W, LG said, was inspired by the fact this TV, when mounted on the wall is as thin as wallpaper and thanks to its Oled display looks almost like a window.

Whichever way you look at it, the W is quite a sight.

4. The robots are coming

The LG Hub Robot & Mini are unveiled during an LG news conference
(John Locher/AP)

Another of LG’s big announcements came in the shape of robots – one for your home and the other for the airport.

Their very presence as solid, sound product ideas emphasised just how normal the sight of a robot is in 2017. Something which says a lot about the speed of technology.

5. Toyota’s concept car looks insane

As concept cars go, Toyota’s latest effort is quite a sight. It looks straight out of a sci-fi movie, with its digital displays and frankly ridiculous interior.

This being 2017, the Concept-i is also based around artificial intelligence, with an assistant at the centre of the car's interface designed to “build a relationship that is meaningful and human” between the driver and the car.

The phrase ‘smart car’ could take on new meaning in the future.

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