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Soap Guide: w/c Saturday, February 11

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Ryan Returns

EastEnders (BBC1)

Stacey isn't happy when Lily brings up the subject of her biological father, but she's given even more reason to be annoyed when Whitney tells Ryan that his daughter is pregnant – and he turns up in the Square.

Lily is pleased to get a chance to spend some quality time with him, but after he attends her scan (along with Sam and Ricky Jnr), Stacey reminds the youngster that Martin has been much more of a dad to her than Ryan ever has. But is that how Lily sees it, especially as she's increasingly feeling like a burden on the Slaters?

Sparks continue to fly between Denise and Ravi, but Valentine's Day seems like the perfect opportunity for her to concentrate on her marriage. Or at least it does until she discovers that her romantic evening was organised by Amy because Jack forgot.

After helping Linda through a Valentine's Day without Mick, Sharon comes up with another way to support her mate – buying Mick's share of the Vic. However, Eve thinks it could also be a business opportunity for Suki.

The Drugs Do Work

Coronation Street (ITV)

After telling Sarah she can continue working on her designs in return for an apology, Carla informs Stephen he can earn a commission and a permanent contract if he resurrects the deal with Rufus.

But before he can do so, Rufus collapses. The ever-resourceful (and devious) Stephen forges the stricken fashion guru's signature and steals his stash of LSD – which Stephen then uses as part of his revenge plot against Carla.

Peter's efforts to trade his tablet for a motorbike backfire when he takes possession of a stolen vehicle, and Mary falls out with Brian over his review in the Gazette. That means he has nowhere to stay while his flat is being rewired, so he moves in with Amy – and promptly gets on her nerves.

Max receives a six-month sentence, Paul rejects Billy's advances and Zeedan tells Alya he's staying in Weatherfield after deciding to put his family first.

Crazy Horses

Emmerdale (ITV)

Cain is increasingly anxious about the hearing, and it doesn't help that Amy is sticking to the bail conditions and refusing to let him see Kyle.

It turns out that on this occasion, Will is also a stickler for the rules as he tries to keep Cain away when he takes Lucas and Kyle to the park. Cain doesn't take kindly to this interference and gets his revenge by letting Home Farm's new stud horse loose – which also gives Caleb another chance to get the upper hand over Will. But does Amy have a plan of her own?

Marlon wants to rush to help after receiving a text message, but April thinks he should be staying at home and resting.

Noah feels insecure when he turns up to give Amelia her Valentine's Day presents and finds Samson there, while Marcus is also worried that Ethan is up to something.

Vinny raises a toast to what would have been Liv's 21st birthday, but he does find a way to distract himself when he joins Belle in siphoning oil from Pollard's tank.

Love is in the Air?

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

It's set to be a memorable Valentine's Day in the village, as Darren, Scott and Beau rally round to help Tony surprise Diane with a party at the Dog.

That's not the only grand gesture in store as Ethan blindsides Sienna by saying he loves her, Juliet reveals her feelings for Peri, and James steps up to the microphone in the pub to make an announcement. But what will be the reaction to these declarations?

And will Tony's own relationship be looking rocky when he starts to wonder if Diane and Beau are getting a little too close?

Goldie decides to cater for the village's teetotal singletons by throwing an anti-Valentine's Day party. Mercedes spices up the event by adding booze to her mocktail, a decision that has unexpected consequences when John Paul drinks it by accident and promptly falls off the wagon.

Warren attempts to buy the twins' affections, and Maxine tries to help when she learns Honour's job is on the line due to the incident with Eric.

Taking a Swing at Justin

Home and Away (C5)

They say it's not the winning but the taking part that's important – but try telling Justin and John that as the charity golf tournament takes place.

The rivals are desperate for their teams to triumph, so much so that Justin sabotages John's golf buggy. He needn't have bothered because Dean, a late recruit to Justin's team, turns out to be a natural, despite never having played before. His beginners' luck drives them to victory – but their joy proves short-lived when the truth comes out.

Suddenly Justin is public enemy No1. Dean only took part to be in the running to win a car for Ziggy, while Leah's so disgusted, she forces her other half to sleep on the sofa. Hopefully he can find a way to make amends.

Elsewhere, Cash and Eden grow closer during a search for the missing wedding dresses, Xander and Stacey fail to remain just good friends, and Bree is horrified when Jacob goes AWOL.



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