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You is back for a fourth season: here's what's in store

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Rachael Davis, PA Entertainment Features Writer

The wait is almost over: Netflix's bloody, violent, dramatic and popular series You is returning for a fourth season.

Penn Badgley's Joe Goldberg, despite being a stalker and serial killer, has captured the hearts of viewers since You's first season in 2018. We've watched him move from obsession to obsession, leaving a trail of blood and bodies in his wake, yet Badgley's charming performance means that no matter how brutal or deranged Joe's actions get, it's impossible to look away.

As we look forward to new episodes of You landing on Netflix, with part one of season four about to start streaming, let's recap where we left Joe Goldberg at the end of season three and look ahead at what's to come.


Season three of You was as bloody and murderous as it comes, despite the fact that life in the Californian suburb of Madre Linda was supposed to be all about family.

Joe and his wife Love moved to the town to raise their newborn son Henry, but it's fair to say that life in suburbia didn't really suit the unhinged couple.

As with any couple, all of the stress, sleepless nights and worry that comes along with a new little bundle of joy took its toll and put a strain on their relationship – but Joe and Love are no ordinary pair, and they dealt with this strain in a very different way.

It turned out that Joe and Love were, in many ways, a perfect match: both obsessive and adulterous, and both capable of committing murder. This spelled disaster for the residents of Madre Linda, several of whom did not survive the season.

The tense finale of season three saw Love set out to murder Marienne, the object of Joe's obsessions for much of the season, but in a moment of clarity she tells her to run away, far from Joe.

By the end of the final episode, Joe is on his own – no wife, no baby – and is back on the road, heading to Paris to search for Marienne with a brand new identity.


As was teased at the end of season three, Joe has found himself across the pond for season four – though not in Paris as we had expected, but in London.

Joe's ended up in London on his search for Marienne, wanting to make his imagined life ‘happily ever after' with her and her daughter a reality. He's now going by Jonathan Moore, and is a professor at a university in the English capital.

He finds himself entangled in a group of posh, privileged, upper-class London socialites, including aristocratic party girl Lady Phoebe, her wealthy American ex-pat boyfriend Adam, literature professor Malcolm, and Kate, a gallery manager and Malcolm's girlfriend.

There's also Nadia, a literature student in Joe's class, and Rhys Montrose, an author who grew up in poverty but is now mingling with the elite after publishing a memoir.

When a serial murderer dubbed the ‘Eat the Rich killer' instils fear in this elite group, Joe also starts getting strange anonymous texts that send shivers down his spine. Is Joe back to his old tricks, or is someone else responsible for these mysterious, bloody deaths?


This season, fans will be treated to a combination of brand new characters and familiar faces as Joe's bloody backstory follows him to his new life in Europe.

Of course, Penn Badgley – also known for playing Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl – is returning as Joe Goldberg, or Professor Jonathan Moore, as he is going by in this season.

Tati Gabrielle is also back as Marienne Bellamy, Joe's love interest from Madre Linda. She left the town after finding out about all the nasty business Joe had been up to there, and Joe has followed her across the pond to try to get her back.

New to this season is Charlotte Richie – known for playing Oregon in Channel 4 comedy Fresh Meat and Barbara in BBC's Call the Midwife – who plays Kate, a gallery director who is deeply suspicious of Joe from the moment she meets him.

Also joining the cast is Lukas Gage, of White Lotus and Euphoria fame. Gage stars as Joe's new nemesis Adam, a hard-partying ex-pat American and youngest son of a rich East-Coast magnate who is struggling to meet the standards of his successful family.

EastEnders' Tilly Keeper plays Lady Phoebe, a rich and famous socialite from an aristocratic family with some chaotic tendencies.

Nadia, a literature student in Joe's class, is played by Our Girl and Tracy Beaker Returns's Amy-Leigh Hickman, while Eragon and Downton Abbey's Ed Speleers plays Rhys Montrose, the author who forms a friendship with Joe.


In April 2022, Netflix revealed on Twitter that You season four had begun filming on location in London – not surprising, seeing as that's where the new episodes are set.

Eagle-eyed fans will spot lots of iconic locations in the English capital in the new season, as Joe swaps sun-soaked California for the grey skies of London town.


Part one of You's fourth season lands on Netflix on Thursday, February 9, with the second part coming to the streaming platform a month later on Thursday, March 9.

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