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I'm A Celebrity day 19 live

Shane Richie
Maeve Connolly

It's Thursday of week 3 in camp and tonight is the penulitmate episode plus the Celebrity Cyclone.

For the uninitiated, the Celebrity Cyclone will see our four brave celebrities strive to win stars while running up a giant slip n slide as masked torturers try to knock them off their feet with torrents of cold water from industrial hoses. It is truly a sight to behold. This year, instead of doing it under a blazing Aussie sun, campmates will be doing it in Wales in December. Brrrrrrrrrrr. 

Join me at 9pm and we can cackle together

If you missed last night's episode here's a recap

9.08pm  I've been laughing so much at Mo pretending to be Phil Mitchell that I forgot to write anything...

9.09pm  Rest easy Steve McFadden, Fo Marah is not coming for your job


9.14pm  Rest easy Tom Jones, Jordan North is not coming for your job 

9.15pm  There are two new elves on the shelf. Jordan and Vernon are dresed as elves and have to choose between mince pies and chocolate orange after winning castle coins. They've gone for the former. Kiosk Cledwyn looks unimpressed but doesn't he always 

9.17pm  Jordan and Vernon don't want to take those outfits off

9.26pm  It's time for Celebrity Cyclone and it is going to be sooooooo cold  

9.30pm  Epic outfits. The campmates are sorted for Halloween 2021


9.33pm  Ant and Dec have confirmed that one campmate will be going home tonight. And it isn't necessarily the one who gets hypothermia

9.37pm  And they're off! Has Giovanna even advanced an inch????

9.39pm  Sir Twice A Knight is chanelling his inner Phil Mitchell and stomping up that slip n slide

9.40pm  Why is Jordan walking in the wrong direction?

9.40pm  Vernon is moving at the speed of Usain Bolt. Go Vernon! He's unstoppable

9.42pm  Blooming heck you'd need to have been training with the Coastguard for a year to prepare for this trial

9.43pm  They've done it. They've won all four stars and their core temperature has only dropped a smidgen. What a result!

9.45pm  Partridge in a pear tree for dinner

9.46pm  What a happy little bunch they are, sitting around their campfire 

9.54pm  Until Ant and Dec arrive and announce that the celebrity going home is... Shane

9.55pm  Shane's castle highlights reel is going to be awesome 

9.57pm  "Let us skip and hop and be merry". Oh me oh my. Shane was a hoot

10.03pm  Shane wants Giovanna to win  

10.04pm There are only three campmates left - Vernon, Jordan and Giovanna - and the live final is tomorrow night. 

Join me at 9pm tomorrow to find out who will wear the crown

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