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I'm A Celebrity day 18 live

Mo Farah is taking part in a trial tonight with AJ Pritchard 
Maeve Connolly

It's Wednesday of week 3 and there are only six I'm A Celebrity campmates left. Last night Jessica and Russell exited the camp after they'd had a night in the Castle Inn, sinking pints and pie and singing karaoke. it was epic.

Join me at 9pm for the craic.

If you missed last night's episode, here's a recap

9.04pm  That Vernon Kay is a wind-up merchant

9.06pm  Jordan has suggested a game of hide and seek and as he's the seeker he's in a corner counting to 120. "One elephant... two elephant... three elephant." He is the gift that keeps giving 

9.08pm  Shane has correctly predicted that Jordan will start to feel scared if he can't find them

9.15pm Treats from home for AJ, Giovanna and Jordan after AJ and Jessica won their castle coins challenge which involved a horse that was more decorative than purposeful. A bit like the wolf/rescue dog from the other night

9.18pm  Awh, Team North sent a lovely message to Jordan

9.24pm  What's the craic with that pair of glasses that Ant and Dec are killing themselves laughing about? Did I miss something?

9.25pm  Shane and Mo are acting out a scene from EastEnders with Shane playing Alfie and Mo playing Phil Mitchell. It is unmissable telly. Incredible to think that this year's I'm A Celebrity has provided us with new episodes of EastEnders and The Crown

9.31pm  Giovanna is the only woman left in the camp after Jessica left. Who is she going to ask to pump water for her in the shower? Probably Jordan who'll squeal and giggle and be excellent value for money

9.35pm  Mo and AJ are finding out what their trial involves and Mo is already nervous 

9.37pm  And he's off! The squeals! You have to love Mo Farah. If his voice gets any higher soon only dogs will be able to hear him

9.38pm  The more we see of Mo and the more we get to know him the more I think he'll still be there come Friday night

9.46pm  If this is what Game of Thrones was like I'm glad I didn't watch it

9.48pm  Mo was off that chair like a sprinter out of the blocks

10pm  Vernon and Mo have Shane convinced that when you're made a sir the Queen sends you one of her butlers. Lol after lol

10.03pm  Crab for dinner

10.03pm  Mo says no

10.04pm The campmates are quiet as dinner is prepared. Or in Giovanna words -  "Tonight even Vernon wasn't forthcoming with his opinions which was quite rate for him"

10.06pm  That portion of crab wouldn't even have filled a hole in AJ's tooth and he looks as though he could cry. Doubt if he'd have the energy for a quick step

10.08pm  Two campmates are leaving; it's AJ and Mo 

10.09pm  Boo. I wanted Mo to make the final. Guess I should have voted for him then

10.10pm  The final four are Vernon, Shane, Giovanna and Jordan

10.20pm  AJ and Mo both want Giovanna to win

10.21pm  My prediction - Mo is going to eat nothing but sticky toffee pudding for a week and AJ is going to do nothing but eat for a week.

Join me tomorrow, same time, same place, when we will laugh ourselves silly at the celebrity cyclone


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