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I'm A Celebrity day 13 live

AJ Pritchard
Maeve Connolly

The first celebrity campmate is going home tonight. Depending on which tier of England they live in they might be better off hanging around the castle for another week. Join me at 9pm as we find out who got the fewest votes and has to leave.

If you missed last night's episode here's a recap

9.05pm Good God they must be bored if they're monitoring who sprinkles when they tinkle 

9.08pm Has Beverley died? Is that why they're singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow?

9.10pm Mo is dressed as Robin Hood for a castle coins challenge with Vernon who is dressed as Friar Tuck. I can't decide whether I'd like Mo to run next year's Larne half marathon dressed as Robin Hood or the robin from a few challenges ago

9.23pm Oh. My. Word. And that's Russell Watson singing Nessun Dorma without warming up

9.26pm The campmates are now singing Christmas songs. Russell must feel very proud

9.31pm AJ and Shane are doing a trial that has them standing upright, underground, with their heads in a box above ground. Masked torturers have poured 2,000 maggots and 1,000 giant mealworms over their heads. There's concern in north Wales that non-native castle critters are escaping into the countryside so there's every chance the masked torturers are counting those maggots and mealworms out and counting them in again

9.39pm  The maggots and giant mealworms have been replaced with 400 locusts and 5,000 crickets. That's 400 jumping locusts and 5,000 jumping crickets too many

9.42pm 10 rats are now crawling over their heads. This is the stuff of nightmares. They have won 11 stars and I doff my hat to them

9.49pm Can we legitmately call Beverley Sexy Gaga now?

9.56pm An emotional last dinner for the campmates as someone is going home. They only found that out at the same time they learned they were having venison for dinner. They're a bit sad about the former

10.03pm  Oh here, there are a lot of tears around the campfire

10.05pm Beverley has announced that she has fallen madly in love with Mo. What is Mega John going to say about that?

10.13pm Hollie is leaving and we didn't even get to know her

10.20pm Hollie has said her goodbyes, cried a little, confirmed that she wants Jordan to win and now it's back to her bubble and tier. So long Hollie!

Join me on Sunday night when the next celebrity leaves the camp


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