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I'm A Celebrity day 12 live

Hollie Arnold and Shane Richie are facing a trial tonight
Maeve Connolly

Join me at 9pm when we find out if Jessica is still paying the price for drinking those horrible concoctions from last night's trial. 

If you missed last night's episode here's a recap

9pm  Shane is the group's lucky charm apparently. Are you picturing the cereal box because I am

9.10pm  Giovanna is the new camp leader and has chosen Beverley as her deputy. Their first job is chore allocation. Cue another outbreak of the highly contagious THAT'S NOT MY JOB

9.12pm  Beverley hopes everyone is happy with their new job. Bevela, you are an unelected leader, it does not matter if the underlings are happy   

9.13pm  AJ isn't happy is he? 

9.14pm  How are we choosing to interpret Shane's hand on AJ's shoulder and AJ's glance at the aforementioned hand? Remember day 10?

9.25pm  Hollie and Victoria have won jelly beans in their castle coins challenge. Five each for the campmates. Bless

9.27pm  Victoria Derbyshire is reminiscing about her Jeremy Hunt pronunciation mishap in a conversation about their worst day at work 

9.29pm  Mo Farah's story is about tripping and falling during a race and then getting up and running around the track in the wrong direction. Probably not one of the races he won

9.43pm  This isn't the most interesting trial. Fill a bucket of water, pass it to your campmate, who pours it into a pipe to release a star and passes it back. Rinse and repeat

9.45pm  Either Dec is now sending secret messages to his loved ones through a special hand signal or he's despairing over Shane and Hollie

9.48pm  Four meals for 12 hungry campmaters. Nightmare

9.50pm  Everyone's face - "We. Don't. Care. How. Hard. The. Trial. Was". Everyone's voice - "You did great! Don't worry about it!"

9.57pm  Monkfish for dinner. Vernon and Victoria are in charge of cooking and the portions are tiny. AJ is hangry

10pm  Ant and Dec have popped into camp to let the celebs know that AJ and Shane are taking part in the next trial - Chambers of Horror. They're going to have to make dishwashing peace before they do this trial together

 10.02pm  AND finally, confirmation of what we've all been waiting for - the first celebrity will go home tomorrow night. Voting is open

That's it for tonight. See you tomorrow, same time, same place

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