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I'm A Celebrity day 11 live

 Jessica Plummer
Maeve Connolly

We've had the 'tensions in camp' episode plus the 'first celebrity to get back into bed for a cry' episode so what might tonight have in store for us? Could it be the first eviction? Tune in at 9pm to find out.

If you missed last night's episode, here's a recap

9.05pm  Wait, is that thunder we can hear? No. It's Beverley snoring 

9.07pm  Beverley is over sharing about her husband, Mega John. Everyone is mortified. I do love it when Victoria calls her "Bevela"

9.13pm When is Hollie going to get to do a trial? Gah. We barely know this woman

9.16pm  Four of the ladies have to endure a 'deep critter massage' to win a spa experience for their four chosen campmates. Now that's friendship

9.20pm  They're in their swimwear, lying face down and masked torturers are pouring insects over their backs and bare skin

9.21pm  Giovanna is doing her best to keep everyone calm even though she is also crawling. Things are so bad that she's telling people to keep breathing

9.22pm  They've added a snake. Boke. Wait, has that cockroach pushed Beverley's goggles off her face? 

9.24pm  Beverley is getting her own back on Jordan not selecting her as his deputy by choosing Vernon to enjoy a spa experience

9.27pm  Hot tub, face masks, fresh fruit. Vernon, Hollie, Giovanna and Russell look like they're having a ball

9.36pm  "We've been in the Queen Vic with Phil Mitchell. What are you worried about cockroaches for?" - Shane to Jessica before their drinking trial starts

9.44pm  Some of these drinks are going to reappear aren't they? My own dinner might reappear

9.46pm  Shane invoking Phil Mitchell again is a moment

9.49pm  I am crying with laughter watching these two retching and lunging. I feel guilty though

9.52pm  This is the first time that I've said 'medics are on standby' and genuinely meant it. This trial is the worst

9.55pm  If dinner tonight isn't Michelin starred Shane and Jessica need to go to HR

10pm  Giovanna is so bloomin' thoughtful. She asked for her second playing of S Club 7's Reach to happen when Jessica and Shane came back from their trial. The EastEnders duo won 12 stars and are going to have upset stomachs for a week. That win will have done Jessica the world of good. She'll do a Jordan now and blossom  

10.08pm  It's pheasant for dinner 

10.09pm  Jessica is too busy vomiting to care

10.13pm  Shane and Hollie are doing the next trial - Wicked Waterways. Finally, Hollie's getting a trial

10.15pm  That's it for tonight. What an episode. Between the deep critter massage and the drinking trial, Jessica has really had a day of it

See you all tomorrow, same time, same place 

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