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I'm A Celebrity day 10 live

Shane Richie
Maeve Connolly

It's Tuesday of week 2 in the I'm A Celebrity camp and after having a muttered conversation with Vernon Kay last night about campmates who are petrified of trials but still agree to take part in the show, Shane Richie is facing a trial involving 200 spiders. Join me at 9.15pm to find out how much fun he has

9.20pm Here's hoping Ant and Dec never try any 'sexy' dance moves again 

9.22pm Beverley has just called Splash! the "stupidest show ever". Vernon was the presenter...

"Kept me central heating on though Beverley." Lol

9.23pm Ruthie's having a cry and Vernon kindly has given her his cashmere blanket from home. Victoria's giving her a pep talk. I think she's going to be ok. Credit where credit's due - not one of the campmates said 'Ruthie, pull yourself together, there's a global pandemic and people have been locked in their houses since March. Get some perspective'

9.32pm Giovanna and Shane are doing today's castle coins challenge. She's wearing a suit of armour and the helmet covers her eyes. Shane is giving her directions so she can whack and smash pinatas to win stars. What a great way to get rid of frustration. "Think I'm chopping the hare too slowly? Take that. The oil's burning is it? Take THAT"

9.36pm Gender equality dscussion in the camp but only because it's Cledwyn's question

9.39pm Shane's face when it's pointed out to him that AJ washed the pots and pans and made them sparkle... AJ is going to pay for that 

9.42pm Shane is still insisting he's 6 ft

9.47pm He's about to start his trial and... there's an ad break

9.50pm Diamante stars in this trial. Fancy! Now we know how some of that Australian budget was spent

9.55pm Bad enough that he's in a small enclosed space with naked rats but he has to stick his hand into a box of scorpions too. Eugh. He's won 12 stars so credit where credit's due

9.59pm Cute! The campmates are doing a routine from Chicago taught to them by Ruthie. Mo flossing is extra cute


10.08pm  Crayfish and chilli for tea. Russell says "a nice glass of champagne would go well with it". Giovanna says "just pretend you're in the Ivy"

10.12pm Epic shower scene

10.13pm I don't know about you but I'm ready for another trial that involves all the campmates so we can get to know more of them, better. The votes are in and Shane and Jessica have been chosen to do the next trial

That's it for tonight. Join me tomorrow when we'll do it all again 

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