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Live: I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Day 6

Mo Farah is taking part in tonight's Fort Locks trial
Maeve Connolly

Get the tea and biscuits and grab a comfy chair, it's an extra long episode tonight. Let's get cracking

9.05pm Imagine if Gwrych Castle did Airbnb after this

9.06pm Beverley's morning stretches are a sight to behold

9.07pm Beverley is telling the campmates how she used to train with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Can someone do a fact check on that please?

9.08pm Blimey, the boys aren't getting enough attention and have directed the conversation away from Hollie's gold medal at the Paralympics and four consecutive world championships and on to Shane winning sexiest bloke and Russell's rear of the year win

9.12pm Everyone's emotional after Russell shared with them how he has survived two brain tumours

9.19pm Wowee, Victoria and Mo are outdoors and it's day time. It's a proper change from the grey stone set and night lighting. Anyway, they're in woodland, dresed as robins and trying to dig worms out of soil with their beaks in the hope of winning castle coins. They are in their element. So much so, that we could see Mo running a marathon in that robin outfit

9.21pm They're performing the Birdy Song for Kiosk Cledwyn. He is not a receptive audience

9.22pm Flipping campmates got the question wrong and now the two robins are making the sombre journey back to camp without the jelly worms Mo was craving

9.24pm You can vote for the first camp leader! Who will it be? Will the power go to their head? 

9.25pm Ruthie! How bold

9.28pm  Ruthie is spilling the beans about dating Prince Edward and is basically describing what could be a scene from The Crown. Actually, can someone check if that is an episode of The Crown?

9.32pm Mo is off to do his trial and worried about snakes. Snakes are the least of his worries; there's rats, lizards, creepy crawlies, birds, offal and all sorts to contend with. His trial is called Fort Locks and he has to stick his hand into holes in the wall filled with furry and scaly friends to retrieve keys which he then uses to open doors to find other unpleasantness plus the stars that will feed the camp

9.38pm Offal is awful

9.41pm I'm A Celebrity are lucky Mo Farah didn't crack his head against that bench when he slid and fell. Seriously

9.43pm That rat looks like it's hugging the wall in fear

9.47pm Mo has won nine stars and is disappointed. Mo is not a man who is used to winning silver

9.50pm Jordan retching while pumping water for Mo to shower off the fish guts is peak I'm A Celebrity

9.58pm It's cuttlefish for dinner tonight and Vernon and Giovanna are cooking. Cuttlefish for the win. Everyone's happy

10pm Live trial klaxon!

10.01pm Right, there's another 34 minutes of tonight's episode so get the kettle on during this ad break

10.03pm I've decided that Giovanna should be camp leader

10.05pm Boys v girls in the live trial with four rounds. In the first round they have to bob into a trough of slime and offal to retrieve gold coins with their teeth. Vom-a-rama

10.07pm  Ruthie! Cheating is simply not cricket. This episode of The Crown has taken an unexpected twist

10.19pm Nice to see all the contestants getting their chance to shine in this live trial

10.21pm AJ and Jessica have their head in a box of rats and their hands in stocks. This is the stuff nightmares are made of

10.25pm Giovanna's snake has taken a shine to her and is wrapped around her forehead. This is the sequel to that nightmare

10.30pm The lords won 31 gold coins and the ladies won 24 so the men will enjoy a banquet and the women will pick through rice and beans. Jessica and Giovanna deserve a banquet, a stiff drink and a massage after that trial.

Bye everyone, until next time!


If you missed last night's episode in which Jordan mispronounced shiitake mushrooms and the campmates ate squirrel for dinner, here's a recap 

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