Sleb Safari: Bono, you okay hun?

Bono, aka Paul Hewson
Maeve Connolly

CAN someone check on Bono please? He appears to be having some kind of late onset crisis of confidence.

At age 61, with umpteen albums and awards under his vegan leather belt, Bono has announced that he hates U2’s name, hates most of their songs and hates his own voice.

He even says he’s scarlet when he hears a U2 song on the radio.

Bono got it all off his chest on the The Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter podcast, starting with the naming of the band.

“In our head it was like the spy plane, U-boat, it was futuristic — as it turned out to imply this kind of acquiescence, no I don’t like that name. I still don’t really like the name.

“Paul McGuinness, our first manager, did say, ‘Look, it’s a great name, it’s going to look good on a T-shirt, a letter and a number’.”

Remember how popular U2 and Apple were when their new album was downloaded on to every iPhone, whether the phone owner wanted it or not? And there were a lot of loud, angry nots.

Well, it turns out Bono wouldn’t want any U2 on his phone either.

“The one that I can listen to the most is Miss Sarajevo with Luciano Pavarotti. Genuine, most of the other ones make me cringe a little bit.

“Although Vertigo probably is the one I’m proudest of. It’s the way it connects with the crowd.”

He added: “I’ve been in the car when one of our songs has come on the radio and I’ve been the colour of, as we say in Dublin, scarlet. I’m just so embarrassed.”

He must never have been in the car when Angel of Harlem came on, or One, or Streets Have No Name or With Or Without You, or Pride (In The Name Of Love). 

Bono says “the band sound incredible” but his “Irish macho” voice was “strained”. Ah now Bono, those songs wouldn’t be what they are with someone else’s vocal.

He added: “I only became a singer like recently — maybe it hasn’t happened yet for some people’s ears and I understand that.”

It’s kind of sad that Bono feels nothing other than embarrassment for his own performance. He wrote She’s A Mystery To Me for Roy Orbison and it doesn’t get more beautiful than that so you’d hope he’s at least proud of his song writing.

Bono, we don’t understand what’s going on with you right now, but, as a nation, we hope you find what you’re looking for.

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly don't have time for social media

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly aren’t quite done with their proposal story.

The Fox Gun Kellys were interviewed and congratulated by Vogue who described their engagement as something that “has become a huge mega-story”.

In response, Megan turned to her fiance and asked: “Are you aware of it? I don’t really look at social media or anything, so I don’t know”.

Vogue helpfully pointed out that they broke the news on social media and Machine Gun replied: “We released it to control the narrative, as opposed to someone just catching a weird cell phone picture of a ring on our hand and being like, ‘whoa’”. 

“But yeah, I didn’t expect it. I just recorded it on my cell phone. And it wasn’t like we had photographers or anything. It was just like me setting my phone against a cup.”

If you’ve seen the video you’ll know the whole thing was filmed from at least three angles so either Machine Gun had three phones and three cups or… 


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Jeff Daniels has a parasite named after him

CONGRATULATIONS go this week to Jeff Daniels who has had the honour of having a tarantula-killing parasite named after him. 

Scientists chose Jeff because he played a man who saved his town from spiders in the 1990 film Arachnophobia.

It is “a distinction no other entertainer can claim,” the discovery team at University of California, Riverside said.

“Honestly, I was honored by their homage to me and Arachnophobia. Made me smile. And of course, in Hollywood, you haven’t really made it until you’ve been recognized by those in the field of parasitology,” Jeff responded.

That’s the spirit Jeff. 

A tarantula; parasite status unknown 


Social Media Smut



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