Sleb Safari: Lil Nas X wins the Met Gala

Lil Nas X winning The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute benefit gala which celebrated the opening of the In America: A Lexicon of Fashion exhibition in New York. Picture by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP
Maeve Connolly

THERE were lols aplenty at the Met Gala which took place on a Monday in September this year rather than the first Monday in May because even Anna Wintour must bow to the panny d.

Keke Palmer was hosting the Vogue livestream from the red carpet and having oodles of fun with guests. Until she got to the heiress Nicola Peltz and her betrothed, heir to the Beckham throne and indeed heir to the Beckham wedding day thrones, Brooklyn.

Brooklyn was looking natty in a black suit and sporting a hairstyle favoured in the 90s by his dad, Man Utd team mates and boybands. Nicola Peltz wore a pink dress and paler pink gloves that were so long they could have doubled as perspiration mopper uppers. Nicola was also wearing what was winningly described by OK! magazine as “a full face of make up”. Does anyone ever wear a half face of make up? Or a tenth of a face of make up? Now that’s the look Sleb Safari wants to see.

Brooklyn Beckham, left, and Nicola Peltz at the Met Gala. Picture by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Finally it was Nicola and Brooklyn’s turn to bathe in the attention of the Vogue livestream except Keke wasn’t sure who Brookyln was.

In a moment of awkwardness that was nothing short of joyous to watch Keke asked him “Where are you from?”. The trouble is, Brooklyn’s not “from” anywhere. Technically he’s “from” England; and he’s “from” Victoria and David but he’s “from” neither fashion nor film, sport nor stage.

Brooklyn went literal with his answer, explaining that he was from London but living in LA. How long must we wait until there’s someone on the Met Gala red carpet who answers the question with “Well, I’m from Cullybackey…”?

Ella Emhoff rocks athleisure wear at the Met Gala. Picture by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

The Met Gala is a night of opulence, of designer outfits and mad-money jewellery on loan to invitees. Disappointing then that neither Brooklyn nor Nicole used the occasion to show off their matching wisdom tooth necklaces.

And while Nicola had that full face of make up, Mario Dedivanovic posted a picture for his 9.1 million Instagram followers showing a table covered in products he was using to prep Kim Kardashian’s face. Did you see Kim at the Met Gala? Her entire face was covered in black material. Go figure.

Kim Kardashian wore a couture dress with matching mask. Picture by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP


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It was a bold choice by Kim and Sleb Safari would take it any day over the endless column dresses that, while pretty, are worn at every premier and awards night and for the purposes of the Met Gala had no obvious connection to the theme In America. Credit to Megan Fox for not trying to pretend otherwise. When Vogue asked how her dress tied in with the theme she said, “Because it’s on an American girl”.

Honourable mentions to Iman for a stunning creation by designer Harris Reed. That headdress... The deconstructed hoop skirt... And to Ella Emhoff, the stepdaughter of US Vice President Kamala Harris, for the red athleisure meets high fashion look.


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But there can only be one winner and it was Lil Nas X. In a sea of men wearing tuxedos, a figure appeared, clad in a voluminous golden cape with exquisite detailing. Posing on the red carpet, Lil Nas’ entourage removed the cape to reveal a suit of golden armour that C-3P0 could only dream about. And then that too was whisked away and Lil Nas strutted in an intricate, bejewelled catsuit, thus winning the Met Gala good and proper.


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Elton John's farewell tour postponed

Elton John

A BOTTLE of Lucozade is on its way to Elton John who has taken a tumble and hurt his hip.

Due to the fact he’s in pain and requires surgery Elton has postponed a chunk of his seemingly never ending farewell tour, including dates in Belfast and Dublin.

"At the end of my summer break I fell awkwardly on a hard surface and have been in considerable pain and discomfort in my hip ever since,” he announced.

"Despite intensive physio and specialist treatment, the pain has continued to get worse and is leading to increasing difficulties moving.

"I have been advised to have an operation as soon as possible to get me back to full fitness and make sure there are no long-term complications.

"I will be undertaking a program of intensive physiotherapy that will ensure a full recovery and a return to full mobility without pain."

Elton’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour is to be his final because, at age 74, he quite fancies retiring and spending more time with his children. He started the tour in 2018 and had to press pause because of the pandemic and now with the added delay caused by his fall Elton won’t finish up until 2023. Now that’s how you say Ta-rah chuck.

Gregg Wallace is enjoying Celebrity Masterchef portions

Masterchef judges John Torode (left) and Gregg Wallace

Gregg with two Gs Wallace is enjoying the unexpected advantages of Covid-19 on the Celebrity Masterchef kitchen.

“There’s been a couple of benefits that come out of it, John and I now get our own dish,” he told PA.

“That came out of necessity and how brilliant not to have to elbow John out of the way for the choicest bits on the plate. How fantastic is that? ‘Shall I pick up that bit or may John have dribbled over it already?’ Now you get your own plate, it’s absolutely brilliant.”

Sleb Safari has never felt closer to fellow greedy guts Gregg.

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