Random Act Of Kindness

Random act of kindness at Applejacks Café helps cash-strapped mum

Our first random act of kindness story comes courtesy of Applejacks cafe in west Belfast 
Maeve Connolly

Random Act of Kindness is a new feature from the Irish News and we’re kicking off with a heartwarming story from a west Belfast café which captures beautifully the selflessness of mums and the kindness of strangers.

A mum brought her daughter into Applejacks Café on Glen Road last Friday to treat her to a milkshake for having had a good week in school. The mum watched her little girl enjoy her well earned treat but didn’t order anything for herself.

“Another lady noticed she’d only bought something for the child and bought her a coffee,” Applejacks wrote in a social media post.

“On receiving the coffee, she approached the woman, threw out her arms and hugged her.

“Universal credit has left her virtually penniless and she used the last of her cash for the child’s treat.

“The woman who bought the coffee had no idea, but she explained she likes to ‘pay it forward’ and she then gave a fiver to the child for doing well in school.

“The simplest things can make the biggest difference - what price was a cup of coffee in Applejacks yesterday? Priceless.”

Aren’t people marvellous?

We’d love to hear your stories about random acts of kindness. If someone has done you a kindness, whether in deed or word, you can thank them via the Irish News.

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