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Directions for decor: fresh new ideas to shake up your home

18 February, 2016 11:05

Decor never stands still. It takes new directions each year, which may be major turns, or simply a variation on a theme, but will have an impact on our homes nonetheless.

Here are some trends which could shake things up this year...


Dramatic decor rules the roost in 2016, so bin the beige and make a statement, by painting an entire wall a rich dark colour, or investing in a few bold pieces of furniture.

“This trend is all about not shying away from the bold and gives us an opportunity to inject some life into our homes,” says interior stylist
Kristen Grove.

“There’s a huge misconception that dramatic colour makes a small space feel even tinier, but the reality is, it can make a room feel grander.

“However, natural light plays a huge part - there isn’t a lamp in the world that can light up a room like nature - so painting a room a dark colour with no windows is possible but risky. 

You don’t want to leave a space feeling depressed.

“Get the balance right, and working dramatic style into a room can instantly add glamour and sophistication.”

DECOR TIP: For a colour scheme, think deep Georgian blue, charcoal grey and berry red shades. 

Create areas of contrast to bring more drama into the room, by teaming bold decor with bright white finishes.

FOLLOW THE TREND: Abigail Ahern is a master of the moody setting, and her paint range is full of shades which are perfect for
atmospheric rooms, including Madison Grey emulsion, £40 for 2.5L, Rockett St George.

Once you have the right backdrop, you need statement pieces. 

Avoid over-cluttering and opt for fewer, eye-catching items.

Be adventurous with sofa upholstery, especially if contrasted with dark walls, and furniture will really bring a space alive. has a lovely Isla armchair, from £550.


Geometric shapes, patterns and textures are perfect for a modern minimalistic makeover - just make sure you get your style sums right and avoid too many clashes.

“The geometric trend is the perfect way to give your interior a contemporary look and can be made up of lines, and shapes such as squares, triangles and hexagons, which are repeated or tessellated in a symmetrical layout. This style can give rooms an illusion of space and add depth and interest,” says Robin Auld, head of marketing at Topps Tiles.

“Try combining different colours and scales of one or - at most - two shapes, to keep the look fresh and to create a unique interior.”

DECOR TIP: Layout is key when it comes to the geometric look. Make one piece, perhaps a wall or rug, in a geometric print a focal point. Hexagonals are this year’s favourite shape and graphic hexagonal tiles, in an unusual honeycomb pattern, can create an eye-catching floor or splashback, especially if teamed with a bold colour.

FOLLOW THE TREND: Tiles are an ultra-effective way to embrace this trend and Topps has an inspiring collection, including the striking Hexagon Rustic Travertine Tiles, £3.99 each (£65.22 per square metre).

Get the effect with wallpaper from B&Q - Move Your Wall Grey & Cream Geometric 3D Diamond Effect Wallpaper, £14 a roll. 


Natural materials and contrast in tone and texture are the order of the day for successful interiors, predicts Kelly Hoppen.

“The days of fad trends are long gone, thank goodness, and today, it’s all about how we live in our spaces, which we now take seriously,” says the interior designer. “It’s increasingly recognised that we should aim for interior design which fits us like a Savile Row suit, perfectly made-to-measure to suit our needs.

“The trends I see coming and staying are more eclectic than ever, with a lot of thought behind them. Wood, ceramic and stone are the most important elements in a home, as they’re a great starting point to build on, and to be successfully on-trend, it’s essential to get the right balance of each.

“Mix and match a pale wood - grey, taupe blonde and white woods, rather than black, will be fashion leaders - with a darker stone in flowing lines, and pair with ceramic to give an illusion of length and height. The four ‘hot’ metals this year will be bronze, nickel, rose gold and beaten black metal.”

DECOR TIPS: Colour used halfway up a wall, leaving the upper space neutral, will be increasingly popular. Black and white flooring and vintage tiles are going to have a huge comeback, especially when mixed with marble; the combination of textures gives an unexpected edge.

FOLLOW THE TREND: Blush tones are in vogue, and two similar pinks, like Fired Earth’s Manna Ash, £53 for 2.5L, and Hansel And Gretel, £62 for 5L, could work well together for a ‘half-and-half’ wall. 

18 February, 2016 11:05 Move in