No joke, it's a new Moke


IN 'reboots you didn't see coming' news, here's a new version of the Moke.

The original was designed in the 1960s by Mini creator Alec Issigonis. Despite looking like a big golf buggy, it was in fact intended to be a military vehicle which could be dropped out of the back of an aeroplane and allow troops to scoot about behind enemy lines.

Naturally, it used a lot of parts from the Mini. But with demand for tiny military vehicles not exactly a burgeoning market, the Moke soon found favour with trendy types and ended up seeing active service in posh beach resorts all over the world.

Along the way, it also popped up in four James Bond movies and as a taxi in the Village in The Prisoner TV series.

To begin with, Moke plans to build 56 of the cars, this number apparently chosen because the car debuted 56 years ago.


The bodies will be built in England, with final assembly due to take place in France - take that, Brexit.

Moke says the 21st century edition is slightly larger "to provide more cabin space".

"Features previously viewed as a luxury like power steering and heated windscreen now, of course, come as standard," it says.

Prices start at around £20,000, before tax and delivery.


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