In the GP's view... is this the secret to helping ward off dementia?

Young female sleeping peacefully in her bedroom at night, relaxing
Dr Martin Scurr

LACK of sleep in middle-age is a risk factor for dementia, with recent research confirming that sleeping for six hours or less on a regular basis is linked to a 30 per cent greater chance of developing the condition.

So many of us feel we need more sleep and struggle to achieve this target, but there is some reassuring news: doing tai chi or other forms of simple exercise can improve your sleep quality.

In a trial published in the journal JAMA Network Open, people who practised tai chi or took exercise - in the form of brisk walking and resistance training - for an hour three times a week, experienced improvements in sleep quality compared with those who didn't exercise.

It's worth remembering that it takes many years of adult life to lapse into a poor sleep pattern, so it will take time to re-establish the sleep quality we enjoyed as teenagers. But do persist.

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