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Gardening: Innovative, eco-friendly and smart gardening products of the year

Want a composter with a difference? Or a light that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker? Or even a pot or seed tray made from bamboo? These are just some of the finalists for the RHS Chelsea Product of the Year title which may take your fancy in the coming months, whether you're looking for the practical, the sustainable or the high tech.

Casual Gardener: Say 'hello' to the hostas

John Manley
NO MATTER how well we think we know spring and its associations with rebirth and reinvigoration, it still has a habit of springing surprises and reminding us what a magical season it is.

The Casual Gardener: Wander through your own host of golden daffodils

John Manley
IN A week that began with millions of people across the world claiming a tenuous affiliation with ‘the auld sod’ I managed to unearth a rather surprising Irish connection to something that for more than two centuries has been regarded as quintessentially English.