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BACK to work? So when are you going to find time to get all those gardening jobs done to make sure your plot looks pretty? Well, you can save hours later on in the year by making a few changes now to give you that time back when you most need it.

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SO, you've made your Christmas wreath, your outdoor lights are glowing and the mistletoe's hanging above the door – but how else can you add festive sparkle to the scene? It's easy to pimp your mantelpiece with flora and fauna, from the most elaborate adornments to a few sprigs here and there.

Casual Gardener: Enjoy a bit of rough over the winter

John Manley
IS IT just me or did the autumn foliage last longer than usual this year? And wasn't it especially eye-catching when the low sun lit the leaves of gold, russet, red, yellow, brown and green as they clung forlornly to our native trees just ahead of the winter winds' ruthless cull? As I write, the soggy leaves on the ground outnumber those on the branches and much of the garden is becoming permanently damp, a sure sign that the darkest, coldest months are upon us.