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Your misadventures in online supermarket shopping during lockdown

With thousands of people being ordered to shield during the coronavirus pandemic and others simply wanting to stay at home and not visit supermarkets demand for delivery slots was at a premium

With so many more people signing up to have their supermarket shopping delivered during the coronavirus lockdown there were bound to be some misadventures.

My favourite story comes courtesy of a friend who thought they were ordering eight bananas but got eight bunches instead. 

Another person shared a story of how their friend was so delighted to secure a delivery slot that they chose a random item for the basket with the intention of returning to the screen later and doing a full, proper shop.

Unfortunately they forgot and the delivery driver turned up at their door with one cucumber. To add insult to injury they realised that solitary cucumber had cost £6.50. Ouch.

Did you inadvertently order something? Or if an item wasn't in stock did the supermarket selected substitute make you laugh? We'd love to hear your story.

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