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Just wear a face mask - why not?

Don't be selfish, wear a face mask
Marie Louise McConville

I can't believe some people are being so selfish - because that's what it comes down to.

We are now almost a week into the mandatory wearing of face masks in shops and still, some people are turning up at businesses not wearing any face coverings and thinking that's ok.

I know it's a new move and therefore it will take some getting used to but really, is it not worth keeping a face mask in your hand bag or coat pocket just in case?

Aside from those people who do not have to wear a face mask due to medical conditions, I really don't get why the rest of those among us have an issue with it.

What's the problem?

Of course, I have seen videos online from places like the US where the the request for some people to wear a mask has been met with aggressive behaviour but I honestly thought these videos must have been set up because the behaviour was just beyond belief.

The message from the health authorities here is very simple - wear a mask to help others and help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

It is simply a minor inconvenience but isn't the end goal worth it?

I can only assume that those people refusing to wear a mask have luckily not been touched by coronavirus, have not seen the damage it can do and have not felt the heartbreak of losing a loved one to it.

As someone with an underlying health condition, I shielded during the lock-down and now, I appreciate everyone who wears a mask because they are doing it for people like me.

Therefore, I am happy for myself and my whole family, including my children, to wear masks in order to play our part.

I recently spoke to a business owner who told me how much abuse she receives at her small shop because she has put procedures in place to try and play her part too.

She told me that some visitors to her shop, in a town at the centre of a Covid-19 outbreak, were not playing their part, had complained about having to queue to get in, and many were not even wearing masks.

Why bother going out amid a pandemic if you are going to be so selfish?

I can only hope the vast majority of people come around and realise how important it in the fight against coronavirus that we all play our part.

In addition, I really do hope it is policed properly and fines are issued.

No matter whether you are running into the local shop just for a pint of milk or a week's shop, you should wear a face mask.

I am wearing a face mask to protect you and therefore, you should do the same.

If you're not, the message is simple - wise up.


There's was some exciting news from the land of Hollywood this week.

It's been revealed that Tom Hanks is in early talks to star as Geppetto in Disney and Robert Zemeckis' remake of its animated classic Pinocchio.

According to reports, after reading the script, the 64-year-old Toy Story star, reached out to Zemeckis to let him know he wants to do the film.

The famous Disney tale, which is based on the 1883 novel The Adventures of Pinocchio, was an animated film in 1940.

I know it's a popular movie in our house and I just know we will front and centre when it's released.


If you've been missing a little bit of culture in your life during the lock-down, fear not, some of Northern Ireland's most popular museums reopened this week.

While the Ulster Museum in Belfast reopened to the public last month, the much-loved Ulster Folk Museum reopened just this week.

The living history museum, which is based in the rolling hills of Holywood, is a bustling town filled with authentic period buildings, rich in traditions from more than 100 years ago.

And, while the visit may be a little different, there are stories and objects waiting to be rediscovered.

The Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh also reopened this week.

Visitors can follow in the footsteps of the brave emigrants who set sail for the New World in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In addition, the Ulster Transport Museum in Holywood is due to reopen on Thursday.

Visitors can see and hear the story of transport and social change in this part of the world since the start of the modern era.

This museum is said to be a place of inspiration for the designers, engineers and adventurers of the future.

Further information is available and bookings can be made at

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