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Lockdown has taught me the importance of the simple things in life

Lock-down has taught me the importance of the simple things in life - like dunking a custard cream into a cup of tea every day at 1pm
Marie Louise McConville

This lockdown has been a funny old game, hasn't it?

At the beginning it was stressful and weird but as time has gone on, while it has continued to feel strange, the whole situation has slowly become the new normal.

Last week, when it was announced that garden centres and golf clubs could re-open, I was a bit shocked to find myself feeling disappointed.

Part of me was sad to hear that life will soon begin moving again.

I soon realised, that over the past 10 weeks, I have adapted quite well to life at home where I am comfortable and safe and I'm not too keen to get back out - a touch of corona-phobia I think.

You see, while lock-down in the McConville household has consisted mostly of work and home-schooling and lots of arts and crafts, I realised the that I've learned a few things about life while we have been at home.

Firstly, I realise how under-estimated a custard cream has been as a biscuit. One of the highlights of my day these days is a cup of tea around 1pm with a couple of dunked custard creams and it is just bliss.

I have also rediscovered my love for jam sandwiches. I used to love them when I was younger and so, between working and home-schooling and cleaning and cooking, jam sandwiches have become my quick go-to and I just love them.

Of course, these discoveries have been me further realise that I prefer the more simpler things in life these days.

I have also realised how much I have missed family dinners.

When I am working in the office, by the time I get home everyone else has eaten. Now though, I log off at 5pm at the kitchen table and dinner then arrives and we all sit together and eat and talk and watch The A-Team sometimes.

That's the thing too, I have really enjoyed spending more time with the kids and I feel so much more closer to them and I love being there for more of the big moments - like the first and second and third visit from the tooth fairy for example. I might have missed these exciting developments if I had been at work.

I suppose the lock-down has also made me realise how important it is to step off the work-treadmill sometimes and just live, and just rest, sit down and have a cuppa.

Life isn't just about making money to pay bills, there's so much more to it - water fights in the garden and cake for breakfast are important too.

So, as the restrictions begin to be eased, I am not going to rush back into the thick of it.

I'm going to try and hold on to those custard cream breaks and family dinners because if this lock-down has taught me anything, it's the importance of family and for that I am thankful.


Actress Reese Witherspoon has confirmed that a third Legally Blonde film is in the works.

The blonde star, who played sorority girl, Elle Woods who went on to become an irrepressible law student, confirmed the news with a tweet which featured her in a trademark pink bikini floating on a lilo in a swimming pool.

The last time we saw Elle Woods was 17 years ago so goodness knows what style of adventure we will find ourselves on this time.

This is great news.

I loved these movies which were all about confidence and overcoming the odds.

I'm on board.


Happy summer guys.

The kids may have been off school for the past 10 weeks or so but officially, summer is here now and so, it is time to - do nothing.

That's right folk, summertime is here and, despite a slight easing of restrictions, we are still officially in lock-down.

If, like me, you're not a fan of golf and have little or no interests in soil, the recent news that gardens centre can reopen and golf can resume, will have had no impact on you at all.

We're still here, indoors, eating too many snacks - despite best efforts not to - and placing orders with the local bakery - despite best efforts not to.

That said, it's not all bad as there's so much for us to do with our little ones and this week, it's all about Save The Children.

The charity's website is packed to bursting with ideas to help children get creative and fire up their imagination while they're at home.

With the help of early learning experts, Save The Children have put together a host of activities, including everything from making a den, making pom poms and wool play.

Adults and kids can also enjoy dancing with Bruno from Strictly, can hear jokes from Lost Voice Guy and listen to Sophie Ellis Bextor's Kitchen Playlist.

Episodes of Peppa Pig are also there to be enjoyed.

Go on, there's something for everyone.

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