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Little Adventurers explore the Titanic

 Ten-year-old Sara Donnelly takes a trip to Titanic Belfast

YOUNG explorers have teamed up with Translink to produce a series of videos and blogs about their favourite visitor attractions in the north.

The third and final clip sees Sara Donnelly (10) from Randalstown and her family - dad Kieran Donnelly, sister Lucy (8) and cousin Darragh Casey (0) as they head off on their adventure to discover all about Titanic – visiting Titanic Belfast, SS Nomadic and the Titanic Dock and Pumphouse.

The first video followed Cara Gallagher (7) from Newtownabbey and her family as they hopped on board the train to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Cultra, while the second featured nine-year-old Imogen Bonner from east Belfast taking a trip to the Giant's Causeway.

The videos will be accompanied by a short blog written by a young explorer.

Read all about Sara’s trip to the Titanic Belfast below:


My little adventure to find out all about Titanic

By Sara Donnelly (age 10)

Today my family and I went on a Little Adventure to Belfast to learn all about Titanic!

We got a train to Belfast Central and then got a bus from outside City Hall to Titanic Belfast.

At Titanic Belfast we went on an Exhibition which told us about Belfast’s history, lots of facts about Titanic, interactive games and even showed us a real life video of Titanic under the ocean at the minute!

Part of the Exhibition was a room that had real voices of some passengers who survived and showed us some SOS messages Titanic had sent to nearby ships while Titanic was sinking!

There was also a ride there which showed us the lives of the men who built Titanic. They all had to work 54 hours in a week, they had to work in a very warm climate, they had to work in a crushed space doing very hard and dangerous work and a lot of them sadly died.

We also saw a very expensive artefact about Titanic – the second most expensive one in the whole world which was worth over £200,000 – and that was for a piece of paper which had a plan of Titanic used in the inquest about the sinking.

At the end of the exhibition we had a nice lunch and then went outside to a boat called Nomadic which is called Titanic’s little sister. In 1912 she carried passengers out to Titanic where Titanic’s hull was too big to fit into a dock. So it was an awesome experience to walk through a doorway that the richest person in 1912 walked through. 

 "We even dressed up in clothes from the time and pretended to be first class passengers sipping tea"

After leaving Nomadic we got another bus down to the Titanic pump house which was used to pump water in and out of the dry dock to allow the builders to do work on the ship as they got it ready to set sail. After that we got the chance to climb down into the dry dock – the last place Titanic rested before it set sail. When you were standing in it you realized how big Titanic actually was…it must have been massive!

That was our Little Adventure almost finished! We got a bus back to Central Belfast and then a train back home. My favourite part was probably the ride – where you got a little idea as to how hard the men worked to build the amazing ship.

I had so much fun on my Little Adventure and it was very exciting getting all the different kinds of transport in one day- train, bus and boat!

 "I had so much fun on my Little Adventure"

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