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Martin Henry: Meaning and meaninglessness

Prompted by a statement of Jesus' some regard as harsh, Fr Martin Henry explains Christianity's belief that the world without God is, literally, nothing, but that the world created by God can be everything

Church places faith in advancing science

PAT Kenny recently interviewed 'rebel' priest Fr Iggy O'Donovan on his morning Newstalk programme to speak about the future of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

Dipping into life's mysteries: reflections for a fragile faith

AS the vaccine programme continues and coronavirus restrictions ease, many of us are looking with hope towards a return to something closer to 'normal' than we have experienced since March 2020 - notwithstanding the current alarming number of new daily Covid cases.

Martin Henry: The paradox of prayer

The impulse to pray can be strong, so why does prayer itself often feel difficult, frustrating and unanswered? Fr Martin Henry reflects on the nature of prayer