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Pilgrimage of the Icon of the Mother of Perpetual Help to St Peter's

The pilgrimage is part of the 150th anniversary celebrations of veneration to Mother of Perpetual Help

The pilgrim icon of the Mother of Perpetual Help, which is touring Ireland, will soon arrive in St Peter's Cathedral in Belfast.

As part of the celebrations to mark the 150th anniversary of the veneration to the icon of Mother of Perpetual Help, the icon is travelling to every cathedral in the Irish Church's 26 dioceses.

The original icon was presented to the Redemptorists for veneration by Pope Pius IX in 1865 in their newly built church in Rome.

The pilgrim Icon was blessed by Pope Francis in Rome on March 23 and was taken back to Ireland by the Irish Redemptorists the following day.

The pilgrimage is being organised by the Redemptorists in conjunction with St Peter's Cathedral and will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the devotion of Our Mother of Perpetual Help and it's custodianship by the Redemptorists during this time.

Bishop Noel Treanor will celebrate a Mass of welcome at 7.30pm on May 12. This will be followed by a healing service for the people of Belfast and the surrounding area at 9pm. At 10.30pm there will be prayer around the icon.

There will be Mass on Friday May 13 in the presence of the Icon of the Mother of Perpetual Help at 10am. There will be a prayer service for primary schools at 11am.

On Saturday May 14 there will be Mass again at 10am. After Mass, at 11am, the pilgrim icon will go in procession to Clonard Monastery, Belfast.

The pilgrimage will conclude in Clonard on Sunday May 15.

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