Fashion: 5 activewear trends to boost your motivation in 2023

From bright colours to racy cutouts, these are the workout clothes we'll be sporting this year, writes Prudence Wade...

Disco Bra in Smoke Pine, £42; Disco Leggings in Smoke Pine, £62, available from SEFI
By Prudence Wade, PA

WHETHER getting fit is one of your New Year's resolutions or not, January is the perfect time to try something new.

Maybe it's going to that dance class you've been eyeing up, or finally figuring out what the fuss around Pilates is all about. If you do want to try something new – or just want that extra motivation to get to the gym – a fresh set of workout clothes will be just the thing you need.

As January begins in full force, there are plenty of exciting activewear trends to get moving in…


Few things will actually motivate you to exercise more than the perfect gear – and that's where disco-inspired workout clothes come in.

Think shiny leggings, tops and sports bras laced with gold and silver – anything to bring a bit of that party spirit to the gym.

Plus, chuck a trench coat or more formal jacket over the top, and you can definitely get away with these looks when not working out too.

SEFI Disco Bra in Smoke Pine, £42, and Disco Leggings in Smoke Pine, £62

Hush Beth Star Active Bra, £45


The period-proof underwear market is massive, with research from Mintel, published in March 2022, discovering around one-fifth of British women (19%) had bought period pants in the previous year.

It was only a matter of time before that market started expanding, and the next logical step seems to be into the world of fitness. As we're wising up to how women's bodies change over the course of the month – and adapting our fitness regimes accordingly – there's a growing trend for period-proof activewear.

Period underwear company Modibodi recently teamed up with Puma to release a range of period-proof leggings and shorts.

PUMA X Modibodi 7/8 Recycled Active Legging Moderate-Heavy Aubergine, £46.50 (were £62), Modibodi

Adidas Training Plus Period Play Leggings in Black, £23.37 (were £55.00), ASOS


Taking its cue from style stars like Kim Kardashian, in recent years athleisure has become somewhat muted in colour.

We're talking beiges, stones, creams, greys – chic, but not a whole lot of fun. However, that looks to be changing, and in 2023 we predict to see a lot more colour in fitness wear.

Think animal print leggings and bright tops – anything to inject a bit of life into your workout and help you boost your mood with dopamine dressing.

Active by LASCANA Animal Print Leggings, from £38, LASCANA

BAM Women's Novea Crew Neck Base Layer, £44 (was £55), and Enduro 7/8 Deep Waistband Leggings, £44 (were £55)


Cutouts are a huge trend in fashion right now, making its way from the runways to the high street. Now, fitness style is having a go with artful slashes on bralettes and gym tops.

It doesn't really matter what your cutouts are – they can range from subtle keyhole designs to racy flashes of skin – it's just about bringing a bit of glamour to your workout.

Revolve Aline Sports Bra in Royal Purple, £64

TALA Skinluxe Cutout Long Sleeve Top in Black, £38, ASOS


It's the age-old question: what should you put on top of your workout gear after hitting the gym? Particularly if you can't be bothered to change, a fleece could be your best option.

Keep things simple and chic in neutral-toned fleeces – they'll go especially well with any brightly coloured or patterned gym kit you might be wearing.

F&F Active Cream Half Zip Fleece, £14, Next

Gym+Coffee Industry Fleece Pullover in Soft Cloud, £75