Marie Louise McConville: Lack of self-discipline making weight loss goals all the more difficult

Dieting and losing weight has become harder after struggling with my self discipline
Marie Louise McConville

I really should have reported it missing earlier.

The last time I had it was just before Christmas and I don't know whether I lost it or it ran away.

Now missing for almost two months, I find myself in dire need of finding and retrieving my self-discipline and it's a matter of urgency.

This business of trying to lose weight and get healthy is hard enough but absolutely pointless without self-control.

I began in June last year trying to lose weight and reached my target of three stone weight loss before Christmas.

Obviously the idea was to carry on with a target of losing two further stone in weight but Christmas followed by being struck down with Covid has completely thrown me off track.

Over the festive period, I put on a whopping 5lbs and while I was disappointed, I did enjoy myself.

Following Christmas, I got back into my classes and soon had the extra weight off.

However, I now find myself struggling to lose any more and in fact, every week, I find my weight all over the place, normally a pound or two on and then it comes off but I can't get past it.

And it's no surprise because I have lost my self-discipline, motivation and dedication.

Whilst for the previous six months I was following a strict calorie-controlled diet, I just can't seem to get back on it and now, Jammie Dodgers are talking to me from the kitchen cupboard.

Previously, I rarely ate chocolate but now I find I crave it and while I try to tell myself no, I just don't listen and reach out for it anyway.

Previously I could get away without much snacking, but now all I think about is `what can I eat?'

I just don't know what's gone wrong.

I'm still determined to get this weight off but my body and brain are not on board and without them, the process becomes pretty much impossible.

I had been telling myself it was the weather as when it is dark and cold and miserable, you want to comfort eat.

But now, with Spring on the horizon, that excuse will soon go out the window.

And it's not like I'm not exercising.

I am at my boxercise classes three times a week and my legs, bums and tums once a week and I do try hard but then all the good work is undone when I come home and my body craves treats.

With Jersey booked for July, the annual holiday had been my next target but now, with February disappearing, I really need to get myself sorted out if I want to make myself proud.

Now to hunker down and find my self-discipline - there's 28lbs to get off.

I'll just have to retrace my steps and if I recall, we visited our local ice-cream shop over the festive break.

So, I'll check there first - what's the worst that can happen?


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