Marie Louise McConville: Feeling helpless as kids battle Covid

Covid-19 infected the whole family but my kids got the worst of it
Marie Louise McConville

That's the thing about break-ups - they rarely go well.

And while I've had my fair share in my life, the latest was by far the happiest.

As you all know, just over two weeks ago, a squatter called Covid-19 sneaked into the McConville household and took up residence - and no matter how many hints we dropped, he just didn't want to leave.

We left the doors and windows open, so as to show him the way out.

We didn't include him in any family meals or activities so he would get bored and maybe leave.

And we paid him no compliments.

And still, he clung on.

Finally yesterday, after 15 long days, he finally slung his hook with a bit of help from a swift boot up the backside.

And let me tell you, we never want to come into contact with him again.

While all of us in the household contracted the virus, I found that by far, it was the kids who suffered the worst.

I am so thankful that Darren and I are both fully vaccinated and boosted as I would not want to go through this experience without that help and if the last two weeks has taught me anything, it is the importance of science.

While Abbie, who is seven, suffered for the first few days with a high temperature and cough, it was five-year-old James who suffered the worst out of all of us.

After testing positive for Covid, the poor wee man was just floored.

From spiking temperatures and coughing to a sore head and vomiting, it went on for days.

While he would sleep during the day, totally exhausted, at night, he was forever retching and complaining about his head.

He had no appetite at all and just wanted to be held.

As parents, it was a very worrying time.

In my the back of my mind, I knew Darren and I had done all we could to protect ourselves against the virus but as the kids aren't vaccinated, they were hit harder.

If a vaccination ever becomes available for primary school age children, and I would be all for it, I will be first in line with my two because I would never want to see them suffer like that again.

I know this decision will not be popular with everyone but at the end of the day, they have all their other vaccinations so why not give them that extra help against Covid too?

I'm happy to report today that while the McConvilles are finally all negative, we do still bear some of the scars of Covid, including me having an awful, foul taste in my throat and a heavy head and Darren still feeling the effects of aches and pains and also a sore head.

Poor James is also still under the weather but hopefully he is on the road to recovery.

Stay safe out there everyone.

Restrictions may have eased but Covid has by no means gone away.


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