Marie Louise McConville: Sciatica has struck and left me in agony

The pain of sciatica has left me in agony
Marie Louise McConville

I'm. In. Total. Agony.

Up until now, I had truly believed that there was no other pain like that of childbirth but I'm now thinking I was wrong - so, so wrong.

At the moment, I am in so much pain, I can't even find the words to describe just how bad it is.

The first time I heard of sciatica was many years ago when I took a terrible pain in my back which snaked down to my, er, gluteus maximus, down my left leg, into my left foot and into my toes on that side.

It was just awful.

No matter what I did or tried to do, it hit like a bolt of lightning through my body.

I remember covering a press conference at Belfast city hall when it came on suddenly and I could do nothing but hobble to a nearby bench and sit.

Having seen the doctor, he referred me for physio which unfortunately, didn't work for me.

After a while of just living with it, the pain went away and has never returned until now - and it's back with a vengeance.

It really couldn't have come at a worst time because I have been keeping up with my getting fit regime, trying to lose weight but now, this is making it even harder.

Last week, it just came on suddenly while I was standing in the kitchen - it was like I had been stabbed.

Within an hour or so, the pain had once again travelled all the way down to my ankle and it is just such a sickening, draining sensation.

Then the other night, it went all the way down into my toes again.

On Monday night, at my boxercise class, it made everything all the more difficult and really, all I can do is hold my left butt cheek to try and ease it, which isn't a great look.

Going up and down the stairs is so painful and even lying in bed, there is no relief.

Once up in the morning, it comes on and it's still there when I get into bed.

I can't even let the kids sit on my knee because of the pain it causes.

I can only think that maybe my exercise regime has somehow irritated my sciatic nerve.

It's ridiculous really, because I've been knocking my pan in to try and get fitter and healthier but now, I am in total agony which is restricting my lifestyle.

But I will not be deterred.

I'm told I can avail of a number of measures to try and ease the pain including heat packs, painkillers and a relief cushion - whatever that is. Massage has also been suggested.

At this stage, any remedies would be welcome.


Pink has been named the most played female artist of the 21st Century in the UK.

In a chart compiled by music licensing company PPL, it was found that the 42-year-old singer, who is known for hits including Try, Walk Me Home and What About Us, has been played more than Adele, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

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Well done Pink, a great achievement.



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