Marie Louise McConville: School gates should be pyjama-free zones

Why are some parents still wearing their pyjamas when they drop their children off at school? There's no excuse
Marie Louise McConville

I know I used to do it - but I'd never dream of doing it now.

There was a time, if I had to quickly nip to the shop for milk, I would have done so in my jammies and it wouldn't have fizzed on me, but there's not a chance I would do it now - and certainly not at the local primary school.

I have to tell you, I may have only been doing the drop-off at our local school for just over two years, but I've seen some sights during that time.

And it seems I'm not the only one.

A school in England has recently had to issue a `polite' plea to parents to ask them to be more 'appropriately dressed' when they drop off their children off at the gates.

It comes after the school saw a dramatic increase in the number of parents who appeared to be wearing pyjamas and dressing gowns when doing the morning drop-off.

These included one parent who was seen walking their child to the school gates wearing a fleecey dressing gown, with bunny ears on the hood, and pyjama bottoms.

The school, which said it is trying to maintain standards, issued a request stating that it encourages "our children to be appropriately dressed at all times and we feel it is important for parents to do likewise".

However, despite the request, some parents have continued to turn up at school in their nightwear.

I can't say I'm surprised.

As I said, a good two decades ago, I did, on occasion, run to the shop with my coat over my pyjamas but there is absolutely no way I would do it now and especially not to school.

There's no excuse for it and sends absolutely the wrong message to our children.

While I've been doing the drop-offs with my own kids over the years, I have also encountered some sights including one parent who pulled into the school car park with a towel still around her wet hair and another who showed up with skincare patches still on her face, under her eyes.


I mean, it's not as if the school run is a surprise, we all know it happens five days a week and therefore, we should organise ourselves appropriately for it.

Some parents tell me their houses are manic in the morning, total chaos - but I don't understand why?

Why don't they just plan things and prepare?

It's pretty simple.

That said, I'm no Cindy Crawford in the mornings.

My appearance is make-up free and my hair is normally in need of a good styling but I wear clothes - not pyjamas.

Imagine if our kids thought it was ok to show up for a job interview in their jammies?

As parents, it's our responsibility to lead by example so let's start by ditching the PJs at school - it's not ok.


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