Marie Louise McConville: Corrie's Type 1 Diabetes storyline really hit home with me

A Coronation Street storyline has highlighted the issue of Type 1 Diabetes
Marie Louise McConville

It has been great to see Coronation Street actually doing something worthwhile these past few weeks.

I don't mind admitting I like watching the drama in Albert Square as well as on the cobbles but come on, it's not real and usually, it's not that educational.

However, my opinion changed recently when a storyline really struck home with me.

A young actress on the soap, who plays the role of Summer, suddenly fell very ill and ended up being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

As someone who was diagnosed with the same condition when I was in my third year at university, it brought quite a traumatic time in my life flooding back.

Like Summer, I had been suffering from the four Ts for months - Toilet, Thin, Tired and Thirst.

I had really got into exercising at the time, so the sudden dramatic weight loss had not caused me too much concern.

After a few months, I went to see the doctor who sent me straight to A&E at the Royal Victoria Hospital and what followed remains a whirlwind of blurred images of medics, rushing around me.

My blood sugar was found to be extremely and dangerously high and it was explained to me that my pancreas had simply stopped working through no fault of my own.

Basically, it had stopped producing insulin which is needed to control blood glucose.

So, because my body couldn't produce insulin, I was told I would need to have four insulin injections a day for the rest of my life.

I have two very strong memories of this time.

Firstly, the two very patient nurses sitting with me while I worked up the courage to take my first injection and me crying non-stop in the bed for days because I just couldn't get my head around the fact that this was my new normal.

Like Summer, I remember thinking: `Why me?'

That said, more than two decades on, here I am, still injecting and yes, the nurses were right, it did eventually become just like brushing my teeth.

Yes, I have had a few bumps on the road but I keep trying and that's the message I want to send out.

Type 1 Diabetes, while it is a serious condition - too much or too little insulin in my injection can have life threatening consequences - doesn't mean a normal life is not possible.

If you follow the medical advice, keep taking your injections and try to live healthily, anything is possible.

I'm glad Coronation Street has moved to raise awareness of this condition and highlighted the four Ts - please watch out for them and take action as soon as possible. It could save a life.

And to my fellow Type 1s out there - keep up the fight.



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