Marie Louise McConville: Exercise regime has been all pain and no gain

Attempting to boxercise my way to better health is a painful job
Marie Louise McConville

I don't mind admitting I'm in total agony.

I know they say the most worthwhile things in life are worth putting in the effort but it's been three weeks now and all I've gained is a collection of unusual sporting injuries including an inflamed breastbone, a dodgy knee and weak ankle.

When the morning walking proved too much for my problematic calves, I looked around for another way to get fit and lose weight and by pure chance, I stumbled upon a ladies legs, bums and tums class not too far away and so, I signed up.

I really enjoyed the first class, which was all about toning and weights, and the instructor John was so supportive and really encouraged me to work at my own pace.

It was during this class that I heard about a ladies boxercise class in the same gym and decided to give it a go.

While the class was really tough, I loved how liberating it was to get stuck into a punch bag while picturing the faces of all the people who have annoyed me, pushed me and tested me.

It was during the first class that I realised I had lost the ability to skip.

I think the last time I performed such an action I was in primary school and while I probably aced it back then, my ability to do it has since disappeared.

During the first class, I made a right show of myself, managing to step jump only a handful of times while all the rest of the ladies did fantastic impressions of Rocky.

However, the instructor Manuel was just brilliant, giving me tips, encouraging me and keeping up my spirits.

I have been practising but so far all I have mastered is around 25 skips in a row quite fast, but no more.

So, for the past three weeks I have been going to the toning class and the boxercise class - four classes a week in total.

I have endured squat jumps, star jumps, kettle bell swinging, press ups, circuits, running, boxing and the dreaded skipping.

During one of the classes last week, I actually threw up a little in my mouth. It was gross.

And to make matters worse, all I have lost is one pound - one teeny, tiny little pound.

I have never felt as demoralised as when I stepped on the scales just before I starting writing this.

What makes it worse is that away from the gym, I have been trying to be good too.

When I need a snack, I have a banana or a pear and at night I have swapped chips for rice with dinner.

What more can I do and why won't more pounds shift a bit quicker?

I guess this is going to be a lot harder than I thought.

Let's just hope the lovely girls in this class continue to keep me motivated.

Wish me luck.


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