Beer: Bullhouse's 3.9 per center All Night Long could have you dancing on the ceiling

All Night Long, a session ale that's a light, easy drinker but crammed full of flavour
Paul McConville

JUST when it looked like we were set to get a full-on continental conversion of our hospitality culture, the good old Irish rain bounced along to remind us that Al Fresco is more likely to be a painter and decorator you'd find in the Yellow Pages (if that's even still a thing).

Yes, pubs finally opened their doors, only to tell you to skip round the back to the newly unearthed beer garden/back yard where they used to store all the kegs. It seems a soggy pint of flavourless fizz was enough to satisfy the thirst for some and with many of our pubs still woefully lagging behind when it comes to providing quality local beer, that's about the extent of the options for many of us.

It may still be a while, therefore, before I find myself inside (or rather outside) a pub and with a few cans of some of the best local brews from the Drink Link in Newry, that suits me just fine for now.

I'm not too keen on a session which involves packing the waterproofs and trying to find appropriate shelter which is a) Covid compliant and b) stops hailstones plopping into my beer.

Speaking of sessions, though, there are a wide range of session ales available from local brewers and one of the best is All Night Long from Bullhouse. It's a 3.9 per center and the can art features Lionel Richie, so before you even crack it open, that tune is stuck in your head.

However, on the first sip, it's more a case of ‘Hello, is it me you're looking for?'

It sure is, and a few more after that. This session ale is a light, easy drinker but it's crammed full of flavour too. Pouring a hazy, light amber colour in the glass, it fires off lots of sweet, stone fruit aromas and a hint of citrus too.

On the palate, those stone fruit flavours dominate before a little bit of sweet tangerine and hint of citrus peel peek through with a little whisper of lime. It's the perfect thirst quencher if the mercury ever troubles the 20s this summer, but don't wait until then.

It's aptly named as you could drink this All Night Long, but even at 3.9 per cent, a session on this could have you Dancing on the Ceiling.

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