Ask the Dentist: Some changes made to your appearance can't easily be undone

Lucy Stock, dentist at Gentle Dental Care in Belfast, warns that if you really want to change your appearance, get treatments that allow you to change your mind

Dentists are starting to see an avalanche of young people coming in with heavily cut-down teeth from abroad
Lucy Stock

IT’S great to see social media influencer Molly Mae Hague posting about changing your teeth back to their natural state. The 21-year-old former Love Island star has had her composite bonding removed after two years.

Her composite bonding work gave her a lovely whiter straighter smile that she wanted at the time but most importantly she had a treatment that kept her options open so that she could change back, in line with her maturing attitude to her appearance.

Other celebrities have also gone the same way, with Gemma Collins deciding to call time on her overfilled-lip look as she was starting not to recognise herself. The reversing trend has even hit the cosmetic junkie Kardashians with Khloe putting the brakes on her own facial fillers.

Concerned aunties are coming into the dentist worried about young people in their family going away to have their teeth “done” – teeth that aren’t really that bad and would only need minor corrections. The families are worried about over treatment, having too many good teeth cut down and ending up with a fake look.

Dentists are starting to see an avalanche of young people coming in with heavily cut-down teeth from abroad. This is truly tragic to see as you know the dental path ahead is likely to be peppered with multiple restorations coming off and ending up with the loss of many teeth unnecessarily early.

This is what’s so great about Molly Mae’s dental experience; she was given the option of returning to her normal teeth. If her teeth had been cut down this would not have been possible.

The younger someone is, the more important it is to have flexible dental treatment as ideas of body image and fashions change so rapidly.

As with all dental treatments, there are times when paring down the teeth and placing crowns and veneers is the best and most appropriate treatment for long-term success. Crowns and veneers can be done in a tooth friendly way even when we have to reduce the enamel down, so it is as kind to the tooth as possible.

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