Marie Louise McConville: New walking regime has me hobbling along in agony

I love my morning walks but they are taking their toll
Marie Louise McConville

I am in agony people - pure agony.

And, as if that's not enough, I'm really annoyed too.

A few weeks ago, two of my lovely neighbours informed me that they were going to start walking in the mornings and asked me if I wanted to join them.

To be honest, I have been so lazy of late that I jumped at the chance, especially as it was a 6.30am walk and I would be back in plenty of time for the kids and work.

As a morning person, getting up for the walk was no problem and the first week, we did two mornings before upping it to three the week after.

I have to say, it has been a really enjoyable experience, or at least it was.

We walk out to a place known locally as `the chicken sheds' which is not overly far but oh boy, I never realised just how steep the road out is.

In the car it feels flat - but it really isn't.

That said, on the way back, the sun is rising and the air is clear and it is just calm and I have found that these walks have really set me up for the day.

After leaving the kids to school, I log on for work and my head is clear and my mood is good.

The problem is the pain in my calves has become agonising.

Now, before you all jump in, yes, I am stretching before I leave for the walk.

I only get to the end of our street when the pain hits and it is full force and by the time I make it out to the main road, I just feel like lying down and crying.

I mean, when I did aerobics and step classes years ago (which I loved) I would have sore legs after but nothing like this.

The pain just doesn't go away ever.

It is there all the time, including in bed which results in me not sleeping and feeling tired later in the day.

I can only assume that after decades of wearing only heels, my calf muscles are rock solid and are either refusing or unable to stretch.

The thing is, if I can't get any way to ease them, I am going to have to give up the walking, which I have grown quite fond of.

The other morning, I had already completed more than 7,000 steps before 7.30am and while I know that is no big deal for some people, it is great for me.

But I need help.

I need someone to tell me how I can ease the awful pain in my calves which is now also affecting my lower back too I think.

I'm afraid it's going to get to the point where I just can't move without crying.

No wonder I prefer popcorn on the sofa - being good is way too painful.


They are considered one of Hollywood's most loved up couples and now, we may have learned the secret of Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban's marital success.

The much-loved Australian actress has this week revealed the full extent of her devotion to her other half - she treats him to home pedicures.

The 53-year-old Big Little Lies star said she sometimes treats the "whole family to a spa day" when she will "massage their feet and give them pedicures".

This sounds just wonderful.

Darren, are you taking notes?


So, word on the TV grapevine this week is that The Bill is to make a comeback.

I am delighted by this news because I just loved The Bill.

When I was on maternity leave the first time, The Bill, which followed the lives of the police officers who were based out of Sun Hill Police Station, kept me company.

Abbie and I knew what time it was on every day and we would settle down on the sofa for a cuddle to watch it.

I just loved all the characters, especially when famous faces made an appearance, and there was always some kind of romance going on.

Now, it's been reported the show, which ran for 26 years before it was axed in 2010, could be coming back.

And, apparently, three of the show's biggest stars are interested in returning too.

It's been reported that Graham Cole, who played PC Tony Stamp, Trudie Goodwin, who played Sergeant June Ackland, and Mark Wingett, who payed PC/DC Jim Carver, have been approached about the new project.

The new show, which would be called Sun Hill, apparently kicked off when the original cast reunited in 2020.

There are also reports that the cast could be a mix of new and old faces.

I can't wait.

Let the filming begin.

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