Sleb Safari: If only U2 had listened to Bono's children

Eve Hewson stars as Adele in Behind Her Eyes on Netflix
Maeve Connolly

GROWING UP with famous parents must be both a blessing and a curse and Eve Hewson is here to tell us what childhood in Dublin was like when you’ve Bono for a dad and Ali Hewson for a mum.

Eve stars as the very scary Adele in Netflix’s psychological thriller Behind Her Eyes which is definitely worth a watch, just not alone, before bed.

And you might have heard of Eve’s dad’s band? U2?

“He used to drive us to school and we would play whatever songs they were working on at the time,” Eve told The Mirror.

“... we would be very involved and then upset if the version we liked didn’t make it on the album. There would be a fight and we’d be like, ‘Why, Dad, why? You have to listen to us’.”

Poor U2. How differently things might have turned out if only the band had listened to Bono’s children. Sleb Safari doesn’t want to get carried away but U2 might even have been big outside Ireland.

So Eve, what else did you do as a child to torture your father?

“When I was younger, I stole my dad’s address book and we tried to prank call a few people but Justin Timberlake picked up and we asked him trivia questions from the back of a cereal box.

"It was one of the best moments of my life. He just kept answering. I don’t know what his need to win is, he must be a very competitive person. I think he was charmed by us."

Sleb Safari is charmed by the idea of the sisters sitting at their kitchen table in Dublin peppering Britney’s ex with questions from the cereal box – “Who are the current All-Ireland champions?” “Which road do The Saw Doctors wish they were on?”

Bono and Ali Hewson 

Bono got his revenge on the school run when “he would blast The Backstreet Boys in his car in traffic on the way to school and then get out in his dressing gown and dance with his glasses on”.

Proper parenting Bono, no point in having children if you aren’t going to embarrass them well and often.

There’s no listening to studio demos on the school run any more but Eve and her siblings are still weighing in on his day job.

“My sisters and my brothers are like micro-managers with my dad and we don’t shy away from telling him what we think. We like to tell him what to wear and what to listen to and things like, ‘That shot’s not good’, and ‘This verse isn’t good’. We are very involved.”

And their dad is likely still humouring his children and promising to change that verse. “Yes, kids, where the streets have a name IS a better line, I’ll let The Edge know…”

Well played Bono, well played.


Ringo Starr says berries, salad and exercise keep him looking younger

Ringo Starr 

The fresh faced Ringo Starr presented Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas with the record of the year award at the Grammys and as it was pre Billie breaking the internet, there was instead a lot of chatter about Ringo’s appearance.

Ringo was chatting to Zoe Ball on Radio 2 a few days later and said he loved all the compliments coming his way.

“I know, at my age,” the 80-year-old chuckled. “I just get up in the morning and this is what you get. I tend to work out and keep as busy as I can. I’m a vegetarian, I eat lots of berries, lots of fruit and lots of vegetables and salad.”

Sleb Safari admires Ringo’s focused healthiness but thinks that rather than follow his dietary example it will instead emulate his wearing of sunglasses all day every day, indoors and outdoors, no matter the season. That way, when Sleb Safari glances in the mirror that dim reflection is going to look just fine.

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Billie Eilsh goes blond, breaks the internet

THE internet isn't easily broken but Billie Eilish is the latest person to claim that achievement.

Billie broke an Instagram record for the fastest one million likes when she posted a picture of her new, dyed blond hair. It got one million likes in six minutes which is a lot of thumb action from a lot of people.

Selena Gomez had previously held the record after reaching one million likes within 13 minutes for a post on her 26th birthday.

The ball’s in your court Selena.


Grammy's fashion commitment

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend showed serious fashion commitment for this year's Grammys, considering they were celebrating his win at home.

Social Media Smut


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