James St Cookery School: Three frittatas, from basic to asparagus and goat's cheese

Asparagus and goat’s cheese frittata from James St Cookery School
Niall McKenna

IT’S hard to cook three meals a day for all the family during lockdown and this can put quite a lot of stress on everyone, not just the cook.

In our house, my wife Joanne has always been big on making quick and simple dishes that use up leftover ingredients. On that basis she has multiple recipes for eggs.

Both our kids can now at least scramble an egg so they will never go hungry. This frittata recipe may look complicated but Conrad (13) has perfected it, which only ever leaves the washing up. We are still working on that one...


(Serves four)

6 eggs

1 tbsp butter

3 tbsp olive oil

12 small potatoes, already boiled and quartered

250g cheddar cheese, grated


First off, it helps to have your potatoes boiled in advance. We always have leftover spuds which we can throw into this meal. If you don’t have any left over, just boil some up and, once cooked, remove them from the pot and leave to cool.

To make the frittata, place the butter and oil in a non-stick frying pan and melt. Fry off the potatoes in the pan until golden. Remove and wipe the plan clean.

Place all the eggs into a bowl and whisk, then add in the cheese and season with salt and pepper. Turn on your grill.

Place your frying pan back on the hob on a medium heat; add enough olive oil to cover the bottom, ensuring it is all coated. Pour in the egg mixture, covering the entire pan.

Add in the potatoes and, using a spatula, move the bottom of the egg around then re-covering exposed areas of the pan with uncooked egg. This speeds up the process of cooking.

When you are satisfied that the bottom and middle are cooked, move your pan to the grill and cook the top. The grill should set on medium, not high.

Remove once the top is cooked and firm. Allow to cool and serve with fresh garden leaves.


(Serves four)

2 cooked beetroots, chopped into eighths

1 handful spinach

125g halloumi


Follow the basic frittata recipe above but when whisking the eggs add in these ingredients and stir well.


(Serves four)

4 spears of asparagus, cut lengthways (As asparagus is not in season, broccoli can be used as an alternative, chopped into florets)

50g goat’s cheese, crumbed

1 sprig thyme, removed from stalk


Follow the basic recipe above, but this time add the asparagus and goat’s cheese once the frittata has set in the pan.

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