Marie Louise McConville: Carrie and some of the Sex and the City girls are back - and I can't wait

Three of the Sex and The City girls are to reunite for a new TV series
Marie Louise McConville

At last, a bit of good news amid these ongoing, gloomy Covid days. Sex and the City is returning.

Almost 20 years ago, we had to say a very sad and emotional farewell to our four best New York pals - Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha - and I for one was really upset.

After all, in the six years the series was on air, I grew along with the characters, who introduced me to the world of Manolo Blahnik, cupcakes and cosmopolitans, educated me on why scrunchies are never acceptable on adult women, and most importantly, the highs, lows and rules of dating.

Anything you needed to know about men, SATC was the place to go and Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, was the woman in the know.

Her dating life was the stuff of legends and wow, did we learn from her mistakes.

Of course, when the series ended, I lost my life mentors but then, much to my delight, along came two movies and again, I was swept away amid all the fun, joy, happiness, sadness and fashion.

Since the last movie in 2010, we have not heard a thing from the ladies until now and I was delighted to learn that three members of the best girl gang in the world are to reunite on the small screen for a new series, `And, Just Like That...'.

We're told Kim Cattrall who played sex-mad Samantha Jones in the original series and movies, has not signed up for the new project but haven't been told why.

And now, people are worried it might mean the new three-lady concept may not work.

Not a chance.

Ok, while Samantha brought some eye-opening shockers and hard-to-swallow one-liners, she was in no way central to the storylines or Carrie's life for that matter.

She was simply one of a few friends who dressed well, partied wildly and was super popular with the men - but weren't they all?

I really think Kim Cattrall will regret this decision to take part - that's if she was even asked - and when the ladies return to the small screen in all their middle-aged fashionable glory, she will be drowning her sorrows in plenty of cosmos and cupcakes.

I for one will not miss Ms Cattrall from this Sex and the City reunion, I always found her OTT especially where men were concerned.

So, I for one am not bothered.

So forget Samantha, I can't wait to see what has happened to the ladies these last few years - what about Big? Did Charlotte have more children? Is Miranda still with Steve?

It feels like I'm waiting to meeting up with some old friends and it feels great.

Now, I just need to get myself SATC ready. I'll start with my cocktail making - well, any excuse.


Finally, some good TV viewing has arrived.

I am just one episode in but I am absolutely hooked on Finding Alice on ITV.

I'm aware you can binge-watch the entire series on the ITV Hub but I have decided to not do that in order to make this last longer.

The wonderful Keeley Hawks plays Alice, who should be on top of the world when she moves into her new `smart' house with her husband, Harry and their daughter, Charlotte.

However, on the first night, Harry dies leaving Alice to navigate the mysterious aftermath.

Addictive viewing.

Get watching.


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