The GP's View: Beating dizzy spells – another reason to top up your Vitamin D

A dizzy spell can be a very unpleasant and disabling experience
Dr Martin Scurr

VITAMIN D is very much the nutrient du jour; its role in immunity is being studied closely as a result of the pandemic. But another, less well-known, benefit is its role in resolving dizziness.

I receive many letters about dizziness – in particular benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), which triggers the kind of spinning and unsteadiness you would feel after jumping off a children's roundabout.

It can be a very unpleasant and disabling experience. And, while it often resolves itself, the condition can recur.

But now research suggests it may be prevented by taking vitamin D (400IU, international units, daily) and calcium carbonate (500mg twice daily) supplements. It seems that the treatment is especially effective in those with low vitamin D levels.

In short, a very real and exciting advance for those plagued with this condition. And yet another reason to keep your levels topped up.

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