Sleb Safari: Katie Price is raffling her hair extensions

Katie Price is raffling her hair extensions and tickets are £5
Maeve Connolly

NO SOONER had celebs welcomed in the new year than they were out of the starting blocks with new business ventures, the kind of ventures that would get short shrift on Dragon’s Den. Even if it was a celebrity special. For charity. With children as the dragons.

Zero investment for Katie Price who is raffling off her “head unit” of hair extensions which are worth £1,000 and worn for “only” six weeks. Tickets are £5 btw.

Sleb Safari cannot confirm if the hair extensions attended a wedding under a heat lamp in Katie’s back garden as she married “her chosen stallion” Carl Woods.

Last month a ‘source’ told Heat magazine that the couple were intent on having an intimate, winter wedding.

“Katie has finally given up on her dream of having a fairytale wedding, and [will] do it bargain-style,” the source purred.

“With all the restrictions, there’s no way she can pull a big wedding, or go somewhere tropical.

“She’ll do whatever it takes to put something small and safe together over the Christmas period, even if it means her and Carl saying ‘I do’ in the garden with a couple of heat lamps, and her kids watching from the house.”

Perhaps heat lamps and a head unit of hair extensions don’t mix? Whatever the reason for this January sale they could be yours for a fiver.

The next celebrity lining up to tell people about their business acumen is Kerry Katona who very sweetly wants everyone to find love via her dating app.

Kerry Katona and fiancé Ryan Mahoney. Picture from Instagram

Kerry met her fiancé, *squints at magazine page* Ryan Mahoney, on an app and together they have launched Marnii which has the slogan: ‘Everybody deserves a happy ever after’.

“Ryan and I met on an app and some people think they’re not destined for love or don’t deserve it” Kerry wrote in her column for new! magazine.

“I’ve been married, divorced, widowed, I’ve done them all. I thought I didn’t deserve to be in a relationship because it doesn’t work. For two years I was lonely, then I met Ryan.”

Kerry has, however, sounded a note of caution about her wedding day.

“It scares me,” she says. Sleb Safari is no expert but it’s going to go out on a limb here and say that fear probably shouldn’t be the overriding emotion ahead of a marriage.

“I just want to go and get it done and not tell anybody,” she added. “I think it’s because I’ve had so many failures at it, it just scares me. We’re not in a rush, but I think we’re probably going to do it in the summer. We want to go to Vegas with just the kids.”

Kerry, other than that feeling in the pit of your stomach, why wait? Katie can lend you a couple of heat lamps and a back garden and your children can watch the ceremony from Chez Pricey. For a fiver you might even bag yourself a new head of hair extensions.

And if you just hold on for one moment, Sleb Safari will give you one of its Wedding Planner/Heat Lamp Technician business cards. In fact, take two and give one to Katie Price. Launching a new business is so much fun.

The Wilds is a must watch

Sleb Safari’s first TV show recommendation of 2021 is The Wilds on Amazon Prime. Eight teenage girls on their way to an all-female Dawn of Eve summer camp in Hawaii wash up on a desert island after their plane crashes. Naturally, all is not what it seems.

The Wilds has a great cast, the characters’ back stories are compelling and watching them fight to survive while dealing with the emotional issues that had them on their way to a summer camp is gripping. It’s dark, very dark. Go watch.


Drew Barrymore had a dating app disaster

KERRY Katona could have her first client for dating app Marnii.

Drew Barrymore has been dipping her toe in the dating pool but doesn’t think much of the water.

“I booked a date with one guy, finally. He stood me up at the exact time we were supposed to meet and I was like, ‘Can’t you be a jerk like an hour before?’ That would have been such a time saver.”

Drew Barrymore

Drew was sharing this story on her TV show and said she felt “so stupid” even though she knows people get stood up all the time.

A guest on the show said her date probably felt intimidated but Drew was having none of it.

“I think he’s just an uncourteous person who has reasons that are completely fine to him but is going about them all the wrong way... We’ve just got to face the facts. It may be personal, it may not be, but whatever. Let’s not fool ourselves in the middle of all of this.”

Kerry needs to get Drew on Marnii, stat.

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